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Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Horror at The Hide Matty stabs Samson

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According to tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers, Samson Dingle is stabbed by Matty Barton during a fight that breaks out at The Hide.

What action has Matty taken? Will Samson recover from his wounds?

In another scene, Marlon says he’s still planning to divorce Rhona, which shocks Paddy. Mary, meanwhile, exhorts Rhona to defend her relationship.

Is Marlon and Rhona’s marriage able to be saved?

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Matty stabs Samson

Following his rejection by Sarah, Josh makes another move toward Amy. He uncomfortably reveals that he is aware of Matty’s transgender identity in doing so.

Amy struggles to handle his constant flirting and leaves work early. Josh and Samson are told to go by Matty, who loses his cool.

Josh chooses to go back inside to discipline Matty after accusing him of being a dead man outside. Samson goes despite his reservations.

Josh and Matty’s relationship is becoming more and more tense. Josh eventually threatens him to surrender the cash in the till.

As their argument gets more heated, Josh pushes Samson into Matty. In the midst of the confusion, Matty unintentionally stabs Samson with the knife he was holding.

Josh claims Matty is aiming the knife at him as Samson starts to bleed out.

Matty starts to lose it, afraid of the possible outcomes.

What action has Matty taken?

Mary and Paddy work to keep their marriage intact.

While camping together, Marlon confides in Paddy that he is certain he will divorce Rhona, which horrifies Paddy. Paddy exhorts Marlon to defend his marriage with the same determination with which he overcame his stroke.

In the meantime, Mary makes an effort to persuade Rhona to defend her marriage.

Can Paddy and Mary reconcile the quarreling couple?

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