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Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Manpreet discovers Ella’s secret as Mandy’s suspicions also start to grow

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spoilers for tonight’s Emmerdale reveal Manpreet catches Ella off guard by telling Liam the truth. Mandy, meanwhile, starts to doubt her friend.

Somewhere else Mack and Charity yearn for closeness, while Caleb and Ruby are both seeking retribution.

Spoilers for Emmerdale tonight include all of this and more.

Ella exposed

Tonight, Manpreet finds Ella in her car after viewers saw her lying down. Ella begs Manpreet not to tell Liam the truth because she is embarrassed that her secret has been discovered.

Ella is mortified when Manpreet unintentionally admits it. Nevertheless, Liam is thoughtful and offers that she use his spare room after some discussion. Ella concurs.

Mandy is there to assist her when she moves her belongings in. She queries Ella about her family, a subject that Ella obviously finds awkward.

Then Ella notices that Mandy is holding one of Ella’s old pictures. She grabs it back quickly and lashes out at Mandy. Mandy is taken aback and uncertain about the issue, but she doesn’t let it stop her from being determined to uncover Ella’s secret. Is her living situation the only aspect of it?

Caleb out for revenge in Emmerdale spoilers

Neither Ruby nor Caleb find Ethan particularly impressive as he strolls around the village. They make it obvious that they want retaliation for his crime when they see him out and about.

But what lengths will any of them go to in order to get it?

Mack and Charity

Mack and Charity’s relationship in the bedroom is a little awkward. Their hectic schedules are preventing them from having the intimacy they both desire from one another.

Will they at last communicate with one another? Can they figure out a way to put things back on course?

Will wades in in Emmerdale spoilers

Billy is still inconsolable over how much his wife despises him, even after Dawn attacked him at the hospital. Will is aware that his daughter is in pain and is snapping at people who are closest to her.

He tells her to go home and patch things up with Billy. However, will she be able to leave Evan’s side in the hospital?

Moira’s worries

Moira worries as Isaac gets closer and closer to Minty the lamb. She tells Cain that she worries about their son’s strong bond with the animal. Shall we all cry at the end?

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