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Emmerdale spoilers: Worst yet to come for Belle as she throws Tom out after violent attack

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Even though Belle Dingle has forced her violent husband Tom King to leave, Emmerdale spoilers for the upcoming week indicate he will take back control. The worst is still to come for Belle as Tom completely flips the roles.

Things take a sharp turn for her when she finally loses it as Tom’s actions worsen.

What happened in tonight’s Emmerdale?

Tom and Belle were chatting excitedly about their plans for a baby on Thursday, May 16. And to show Tom that she was standing up to her family, Belle completely blanked her relative in the village following her outburst at Mandy in the pub the day before.

However, Mandy wanted to patch things up, so she went to talk to Belle with Lydia. Following some grovelling, Belle agreed to accept Mandy’s apology, and they started joking around about how they both had veterinarians.

But Tom, who was watching the puppy cam, did not enjoy being teased. He went home in a flurry. He was courteous to Mandy and Lydia, but he became ill-mannered after they left.

Tom unintentionally revealed that he had been listening in on the puppy cam when Belle attempted to resist him. Belle told him he needed help for his behavior after realizing he had been spying on her.

At that point, Tom lost it. She fell to the ground after taking a punch to the stomach from him.

Subsequently, he attempted to express regret and shift the blame back onto her. His temper flared up again when he tried to get her to open the bathroom door after she locked herself in.

Tom took the “nothing’s happened” tack and suggested they take a walk when she finally came out. Belle, though, ordered him to go. It’s a relief for the audience that he attempted some persuasion.

Unfortunately, Belle’s problems are far from over.

Emmerdale spoilers: Tom plays the victim

Tom says he will ask for assistance tomorrow, Friday, May 17, and Belle accepts to give him another chance. He schedules a visit with a doctor after she begs him to keep his word the following week.

However, Tom fabricates a story and tells the doctor that he is the one who is afraid of Belle while he is in with Liam. He implies that she has anger management problems and is cunning and domineering.

Afterwards, Belle begins to feel a little more at ease after Tom pretends to her that the appointment went well. But then, events take a different turn.

Belle, Lydia, and Sam are going to commemorate Lisa’s death anniversary with a memorial picnic. But soon after, Tom modifies it so Belle must wait inside for a package for him.

Tom, meanwhile, is receiving feedback on his performance and finds it annoying. Naturally, he snaps at Belle, especially after finding out that she didn’t wait for his package to arrive.

Belle finally cracks in Emmerdale spoilers

Belle turns red as Tom picks on her, accusing her of ruining the day and making hurtful remarks about her mother. The astonished villagers look on in shock as she pushes Tom over and screams at him.

Is Belle simply playing into Tom’s hands now that he’s already laid out his version of events with Dr. Liam?

Will Belle be the one compelled to ask for assistance while Tom plays the victim? Or will she be able to persuade her loved ones that Tom is the abusive one?

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