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Emmerdale star Osian Morgan: Here’s where you recognise Samson’s mate Josh from

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Josh, Samson Dingle’s friend, appears to be the latest troublemaker on Emmerdale. He arrived last night, on Wednesday, June 5, and it is obvious that he will have a negative impact.

To Lydia’s dismay, he has already paired up with Samson to organize a road trip across Europe.

However, the worst was to come this evening, Thursday, June 6, when he intentionally stabs Samson. He has permanently altered both Samson and Matty’s life.

Osian Morgan, who plays the unruly Josh, does look familiar to viewers, and they would be correct. Despite his youth, the young Welsh actor already has a stellar acting resume!

This is where the Emmerdale newcomer may have first gained recognition.

Myles in Waterloo Road

Osian was most recently saw playing football player Myles Massey on Waterloo Road.

Myles was equally as naughty as Josh from Emmerdale. Possibly even more so!

After persistently tormenting Preston Walters, he set the school on fire. Danny Lewis, who into the flames to save Myles’s mother, perished as a result of his actions.

More difficulties!

Osian appeared in Pobol y Cwm, a Welsh-language soap opera, prior to joining Waterloo Road.

In the role, he portrayed Aaron Monk, a man with bipolar disorder who struggled to care for his mother without resorting to violence.

In addition, he performed on stage as Gavroche in Les Misérables.

What’s Josh up to?

Josh becomes savage in the Emmerdale episode that airs tonight. After he starts flirting with Amy at the Hide, she tells her husband Matty that she’s starting to think he’s scary.

Samson’s new friend is furious when Matty throws him and Josh out. Furiously, he storms back inside to face Matty.

And after a sharp exchange of words, the altercation gets violent, which makes everything even more frightening. Josh gives his alleged mate, Samson, a nudge while Matty is brandishing a knife.

Throwing Samson forward, he falls upon the knife that Matty is holding!

It’s obvious that things have gotten out of hand because of Josh because Samson is bleeding and Matty is appalled.

Now, what will happen?

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