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Emmerdale summer preview: 5 hot spoilers including secrets revealed and tragedy on the horizon!

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There’s trouble in store for the villagers!

This summer, Emmerdale spoilers are ablaze with anticipation as some intense storylines reach their climax and others begin with great fanfare!

Numerous people are making extremely poor decisions, numerous secrets are going to come to light, and tragedy is also imminent.

Here’s the lowdown on what to expect from Emmerdale’s action and the Dales when the weather warms up (ideally!).

Ella’s dark secret
We’ve all been itching to find out Ella’s secret ever since she moved to the village. We now know that she has been sleeping in her car and visiting someone in a care facility, so there has undoubtedly been a lot of information that she has withheld. She didn’t like that Manpreet was there, and she didn’t like that Mandy was handling her belongings.

Fans have been speculating wildly, with some believing Ella may be connected to Meena, Dales’ killer. However, Manpreet is going to learn something shocking about her employee.

Is Ruby a murderer?
After deciding to drive after drinking, Ethan Anderson made a terrible decision that sent him on a downward spiral. Now that Nicky is awake, things appear less hopeless for him; however, even though he is recovering, Ethan’s future doesn’t appear bright.

Not only have the police accused him of reckless driving, casting doubt on his entire career, but Ruby, who is enraged, has run him over, and things are going to get much worse.

Manpreet rushes to the scene of Ethan’s collapse on the floor at home and attempts to revive him. Will he be able to recover? How will Ruby respond if he doesn’t tell her that she is a murderer?

spoilers for Emmerdale about Belle’s suffering
It’s undeniable that Belle has endured cruelty at the hands of her new husband Tom, but we have terrible news: it will only get worse!

manipulative Tom is trying his hardest to persuade Belle’s family to support him, taking advantage of her mental health problems, and generally being a bad guy in an attempt to make Belle feel like the problem.

Before things worsen even more this summer, is there anyone who can intervene to save Belle?

Rocky road
Marlon and Rhona both say they want to repair their rocky marriage, but frankly, from where we’re sitting it doesn’t look like either of them are working very hard at that.

As summer arrives in the village will they really break up their family or can they make this work?

Spoilers for Emmerdale: difficult circumstances
Dawn and Billy are having a difficult time at Home Farm as they deal with little Evan’s illness and chemotherapy. The presence of Dawn’s estranged mother Rose, who is always trying to throw a wrench in the works, doesn’t help either.

What consequences will Rose’s increased troublemaking have for the Tate, Taylor, and Fletcher families?

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