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Emmerdale: Tom almost killing Piper the Dog was sickening, fans complain

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Tom continued to make Piper sick during last night’s Emmerdale episode (Wednesday, May 29), which was another step in his abuse of Belle and Piper the dog.

But Belle went home before Tom could kill Piper, as he was arranging to do.

Fans of Emmerdale have now taken to the internet to voice their complaints regarding these scenes of animal abuse.

Emmerdale: Tom planned to kill Piper

Tom informed Lydia that Piper wasn’t feeling well last night in the Dales, but he wasn’t sure if they should notify Belle or not.

After dropping by Belle’s therapy appointment, Lydia sat down and informed her that Piper was sick.

Back at the house, Tom threatened to put an end to Piper’s agony permanently if Belle didn’t return.

Just before Tom could put the poor dog to death, Belle returned home, unaware that he had injected Piper to make her sick.

She was relieved to be back at her house with her dog and that Piper was beginning to feel better.

Emmerdale fans horrified by Tom new low as they blast soap scenes

Since Tom nearly killed little Piper in these scenes, fans have now threatened to take legal action.

They have witnessed Tom’s abuse reach new heights, and it has left them feeling sick to their stomachs.

“Emmerdale killed off Ethan, but Tom is still alive abusing Belle and is now hurting that poor dog?” a fan remarked. It’s urgent that you wrap up this Tom storyline right away!

“I believe Emmerdale should have awards revoked because of the Piper dog storyline,” said a different commenter.

“He was just about to casually euthanize a dog,” a third viewer commented. Too far for this program.

“Tom, please get away from that dog or else there will be more complaints to Ofcom,” said a fourth Emmerdale watcher.

“I will riot if the dog gets hurt,” yelled a fifth person.

After six minutes, someone said, “Ofcom. Emmerdale, just you dare.”

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