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Emmerdale: Tracy leaving the surgery was hypocritical, fans complain

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In the Emmerdale episode that aired last night, June 4, Tracy confronted Manpreet and Dr. Liam regarding their choice to hire Ella for the general practitioner’s office.

She then informed them that she was uncomfortable and that she and Frankie would be switching to a different surgery.

Fans of Emmerdale, however, have since criticized Tracy’s choice and called her a “hypocrite.”

Emmerdale: Tracy wanted to move surgeries

Fans of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale will be aware of Ella’s recent admission that she killed children.

When the villagers found out that she had killed Joanne, her childhood best friend, when she was eleven years old, they were all horrified.

Tracy told Manpreet and Liam some news last night, and Liam told Ella to leave the village.

She disclosed that she had to protect Frankie, so she would be changing GP practices. The fact that they had hired a murderer to work as a receptionist unnerved her.

Tracy was not convinced to stay by the surgery staff, despite their best efforts to reassure her that Ella was no longer employed there.

Emmerdale fans slam Tracy for decision to switch surgeries

Fans have branded Tracy as a hypocrite after she said that she needed to prioritize her family. When the murderous Meena was employed there as a nurse, she didn’t move surgeries.

Furthermore, she neglected her family when she cheated on Nate with Caleb.

A disgruntled fan said, “Tracy needs to mature.” It’s all about her once more. Stupid [bleep].

“A lesson in morality from Tracy who slept with her husband’s uncle,” another commenter said.

A third observer posted: “Reflecting on my family.” Tracy, when you were having an affair with Caleb, you weren’t considering your family.

“Well Tracy was fine staying at the surgery when serial killer nurse Meena was found out, but not when Ella the receptionist is revealed to have killed someone as a child,” a different fan reminded me.

Will Ella return to the Dales?

Following Ella’s confession to being a killer, Liam ended their relationship by throwing her out of the village.

The most recent Emmerdale spoilers, however, indicate that Liam grows attached to Ella. Will his mind suddenly change? Can he accept her return to the village and show her forgiveness?

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