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Emmerdale: Vanessa needs to rumble Tom abuse, fans beg

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Emmerdale viewers are aware that Rhona and Vanessa gave Tom some criticism during the soap opera’s Thursday, May 23 episode last night.

After that, Belle eventually refused to submit to Tom and pushed him to the ground outside.

Fans of Emmerdale have now demanded that Vanessa confront the abusive Tom.

Emmerdale: Vanessa and Rhona criticised Tom

Vanessa and Rhona met Tom last night in Emmerdale Village for his work performance review.

Because it was less formal and he seemed a little more intimate, they chose to meet him at the café.

Tom took a seat beside the two and heard them compliment him. Tom wasn’t as pleased, though, when they began to voice some complaints.

Then he began to change things by making them feel guilty about Lisa’s death anniversary.

After Tom left, Rhona and Vanessa were unsure of whether to be offended or disgusted by his actions.

Later, as Rhona and Vanessa attempted to break up the altercation, they witnessed Belle pushing Tom to the ground outside. Vanessa left with Tom, but is she seeing someone else?

Emmerdale fans demand that Vanessa brings Tom down

Tom and Vanessa don’t get along well, especially after Vanessa saw him make a grave error in diagnosing a dog with cancer and Vanessa accused him of being out to get him at work.

Fans of Emmerdale are now really hoping that Vanessa will report Tom for abusing Belle because she is suspicious of his behavior.

“Vanessa doesn’t believe him – there IS a rumor that says Vanessa is the one to bring him down,” said one person.

“I think Vanessa is starting to see the truth,” a second fan commented.

Finally, a third Emmerdale watcher said, “I need Vanessa to figure out who Tom is.”

Will Vanessa see through Tom’s lies?

Tom is attempting to convince everyone that Belle is the one with the issues and that he is the victim.

Vanessa, though, is obviously not a fan of Tom. Will she, however, be able to put everything together and recognize that Belle is the one being mistreated?

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