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Emmerdale viewers beg for the couple to be fired because the show’s “sick” plot makes them “cringe.”

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On tonight’s episode of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, Jacob Gallagher revealed his true feelings for Victoria Sugden, and viewers were not pleased.

The hour-long episode of Emmerdale on Thursday had viewers “cringing” as Jacob, played by Joe Warren-Plant, revealed his genuine love for Victoria Sudgen, played by Isabel Hodgins.

Fans have been speculating for weeks that the two are in a relationship, and they were right to be suspicious.

In the most recent episode, when Jacob acknowledged his affections for Victoria and praised her beauty, the two almost kissed.

The problem is that Jacob’s father David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and Victoria once dated.

Although David is not Jacob’s actual father, he constantly refers to Victoria as his stepmother and calls her “the shopkeeper dad.”

The situation is made more worse by David’s apparent desire to win Victoria back from the ITV soap opera after she dumped him the previous year after discovering his deceitful falsehoods.

On the most recent episode of the soap opera, David entered the room as Jacob was joining Victoria for supper, preventing them from sharing a kiss.

Fans of the soap opera Emmerdale went to social media to discuss the “sick” plotline, which some believe is connected to David’s departure from the show.

After almost two decades in the spotlight, David actor Matthew announced earlier this year that he would be leaving the soap opera.

Joe posted a photo of a happy person dancing on X, now known as Twitter, with the message “Me when this story ends and the pair of them are axed.”

This made Michelle cringe, she said. Jacob has liked Victoria ever since when? It’s arbitrary. (sic)

It appears like they’d make a cute couple, but Catherine wrote: “I’m also cringing for all the reasons she just said.”

“This seems a little off to me,” Mitchell Hurd continued, “since Victoria was practically his stepmother!

“This is seriously making me ill,” Sinead said. When I see this, I get sick! #Emmerdale.”

As Reece put it, “#Emmerdale really are trying to make the viewers sick.”

Will Victoria keep her relationship with Jacob going or will she break it off for David’s sake?

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