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Emmerdale’s Eric Pollard star takes swipe at Ethan Anderson storyline after fan backlash

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The longest-serving cast member of Emmerdale, Chris Chittell, has played Eric Pollard, a pivotal role in several significant storylines throughout the years.

Chris Chittell, star of Emmerdale, has no problem criticizing the plots of the ITV soap operas. The actor who plays Eric Pollard has now weighed in with fans who are doubting one of the most recent storylines.

The 76-year-old actor discussed his thoughts about the scripts with a fan on X, the former Twitter. He made a comment regarding a plot point in which Ethan Anderson (Emile John) was beaten as payback.

When the car crashed, Ethan and Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) were on their way to save Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana).

“Really odd this Ethan story,” questioned a fan on Twitter regarding the brutal plot. Is he, a law-abiding man, offering his father the moral high ground?

“How is that possible when he is also completely at fault? Then, how can you employ the “no comment” tactic with the attorney seated next to you?”

Chris added his own observations and quickly picked up on the criticism. “I think you are being courteous,” he retorted.

The seasoned actor has criticized the soap opera in the past. He’s said before that the plots are “sensationalist”.

Chris discussed his time on Emmerdale during the show’s 50th anniversary, saying, “It’s unfortunate that the storylines have become so sensationalist. This is the biggest change I’ve noticed.”

To perform our jobs, we must be able to look at life and reflect on it. And life as it exists right now—hell bells, you daren’t walk in the street or cough because someone has died. However, that is not how life is.

“I watched a fantastic Coronation Street episode with Sarah Lancashire and Julie Goodyear in the bar,” he continued. After closing for the evening, the atmosphere was truly enchanting. It was flawless. What’s lacking is that.

Chris has been a part of Emmerdale since 1986, making him the cast member with the longest tenure.

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