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Emmerdale’s Sam and Cain go to war as huge Dingle feud explodes

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When one of their own is in danger, Emmerdale’s largest family stays together according to the Dingle code. However, things quickly develop into a civil war when one family member turns against the other.

We are at that point right now, following Samson Dingle’s (Sam Hall) stabbing claim that Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) attacked him on purpose and without cause.

The conflict between Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Sam (James Hooton) will be highlighted in upcoming episodes, with Cain siding with his son-in-law Matty and Sam endorsing his son’s version of events.

The audience is aware that Matty is completely innocent in this whole situation. Samson had come to the Hide with his friend Josh (Osian Morgan) to celebrate passing his driving test.

Josh, who was quite the troublemaker, began the evening by persistently asking Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson), Matty’s wife, whether she was interested. Amy firmly told Josh that she wasn’t. Josh became agitated with Matty after she left, calling him derogatory names, calling him a transphobe, and just being annoying.

Even though Matty was handling things nicely, Josh insisted on taking money out of the Hide’s till. Josh shoved Samson in Matty’s direction when he refused, and Matty accidentally stabbed Samson with the knife he was holding.

After the incident, when Samson was bleeding and in need of an emergency, Josh fabricated a story to make it appear as though Matty had attacked him and Samson without warning.

Knowing Matty, who is a calm, kind man who avoids conflict, this is obviously a preposterous notion to them. Both Moira (played by Natalie J. Robb) and the rest of the family truly understand this. However, Sam thinks he must support Samson, who continues to insist that he was the innocent person.

In later episodes, Cain will press Samson to disclose the truth, but Samson claims to the police that Matty has been intimidating him as Matty tries to get him to alter his account. The two get into a heated argument that culminates in Matty being taken away by the police.

When Sam follows Samson, who is obviously lying, Cain gives him a stern look. Soon after, Cain breaks the bad news to the Woolpack, telling them that Matty is being held in jail on remand and that the police have chosen not to look into Matty’s allegation that the two boys were attempting to rob the till.

Cain and Sam’s tension explodes into an angry standoff, forcing Lydia (Karen Blick) to step in.

Matty, meantime, realizes the true misery of his predicament when a policeman advises him to keep his head down in prison and not to disclose his gender identity for fear of becoming a target.

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