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EXCLUSIVE: Brendan Fevola has left behind his wild days to be a dedicated dad to four girls

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He is no longer the AFL ‘bad boy’.

Two decades ago, it seemed like Brendan Fevola was on the news almost every day. He was known as the “bad boy” of the AFL due to his raucous behaviour both on and off the football field.
The much-loved Fox FM radio presenter and former Carlton and Brisbane Lions footballer now loves to roll around his Melbourne home with his five primary ladies, who are his fiancee Alex, daughters Mia, 22, Leni, 16, Lulu, 12, and 3-year-old Tobi. They are all the team he needs.
“When I return home, I greet my children, cook dinner for them, then sit down at the table and observe my surroundings. I’m a husband to a lovely woman named Alex and the parent of four wonderful girls “He divulges to Woman’s Day


The 41-year-old now spends his days with his daughters, spending them either binge-watching Law & Order with Lulu, reading books with his “resident geek,” Leni, or playing cubbyhouse with Tobi. His days were previously set aside for football practise.
From his prior frantic life of headlines and “being booted out of two football clubs for being a d*head,” it’s a significant change. Even he is unable to accept it.
“Now that I’m elderly, I feel it. I’m in bed by 7:30 p.m. with Tobi, who is munching on a packet of [Tasty] Toobs as we watch television until she nods off. When did this happen, I wonder?” Brendan laughs.

Through his eldest daughter, Mia, he only gets a small taste of the parties and nightclubs of yesteryear. But he insisted on doing it that way.
“I really adore spending my entire time with them. They’re just so much fun that I don’t want to be apart from them “He claims.
“What are we going to do when all the kids go? is something I frequently ask Alex. I’m grateful for Tobi since I know I’ll still have her around for a while.”


You could be excused for thinking that the Coleman Medal winner’s children will follow in his footsteps considering that the Fevola name is practically synonymous with Australian Football. It wasn’t meant to be, despite a few attempts.
“It’s really nice that Leni just played soccer for me. She even donned 25—my footy number for Carlton. However, she was awful at it “Brendan chuckles.
“Tobes, though, may be the ball-sport girl, in my opinion. She enjoyed it when I took her to a football game for the first time last week. I’m going to play footy, dad, and I’m going to play on this field, she said.”

Even while he’d be thrilled for any of his children to pursue sports, he is careful to point out that he won’t pressure them and will instead support their choices. He claims that Mia has already carved out her own business on her own.
“She has a clothing line and a large social media following, but the best thing about her is that she returned to school to pursue psychology, where she is doing exceptionally well. I’m really pleased with her.”
Leni compares him to a “huge lovable teddy bear,” Lulu calls him her “lord,” and three-year-old Tobi thanks him for “always playing games and taking me to the park,” all of which are expressions of the affectionate manner Fev speaks about his children.Mia says, “I love my dad because he’s constantly joyful and cracking jokes. But above all, I love him for choosing to be my father and for choosing me.

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