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EXCLUSIVE: Home and Away star opens up about divorce rumours with James Stewart

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And dishes on her move to Hollywood.

Home And Away star James Stewart’s ears must have been burning as Woman’s Day chatted with his wife, Aussie actress Sarah Roberts.

In the middle of our talk, where Sarah opens up about everything from her new movie, Wog Boys Forever, to the popular rumours that the couple’s three-year marriage is in trouble, she adds, “Sorry, Jimmy’s trying to phone me, I’ll just cancel that.”

In an exclusive interview with Woman’s Day, the 37-year-old says, “You can definitely clear everything up… we’re happy.” “When I arrived from Tuscany last week, he met me at the airport with a large bouquet of pink tulips. He’s been handsome and I’ve been unwell lately. He’s been taking care of me with foot massages and chicken soup.”


Sarah also laughs off reports the pair have stopped following each other on social media.

“I can’t get rid of Jimmy, he follows me around in real life everywhere,” she jokes. “Look, you have to have a thick skin, don’t you?!”

But the actress confesses she is concerned about her stepdaughter Scout catching wind of the stories.

According to Sarah, who adds that the couple “absolutely” doesn’t address rumours about their relationship with the tween, “what I worry about more is Scout’s tiny 10-year-old heart.”
We don’t have any friends that are careless enough to show her that kind of stuff, I believe.

Sarah admits the pair have faced their fair share of challenges though, after tying the knot in July 2019.

“In the three years since we got married, a lot has transpired. My brother passed away, we had COVID, and while it seems like it’s been a long time [laughs], it also seems to have passed quickly “The celebrity, who recently got back from a vacation in Europe, says.
“I was able to relive that same experience all over again travelling back to Ireland, where we got married,” said the travelling.

This month, Sarah will board another flight for the US, where she hopes to launch her Hollywood career.

She reveals that her team has “some amazing stuff” planned for her and adds, “I’ve still got management over there and they want me to come over since I haven’t been there since I started on Home And Away, which is like five years [ago].”

Sarah says, “I’d want to do an action movie, I’d love to do a long-running HBO series, and I’d love to find stability with my career again.
“This is a thrilling time.”
Their family and job dynamics, however, would make a permanent migration to the United States difficult.

The Melbourne-born actor says it’s “kind of hard with Jimmy, because he’s contracted full-time with Home And Away and we’ve got Scout, obviously, as well, but it’s not off the cards,” adding that the couple spends “most of the time” with the primary school student, who James shares with his ex, Packed To The Rafters actress Jessica Marais.

“We’re both driven by our careers but family also is a massive component there,” Sarah admits. “Lots to think about.”


She says her relationship with her stepdaughter is far less complicated.

“Scout’s a beautiful girl and we’ve both put a lot of effort into our relationship, so it’s been pretty easy, breezy, which is lucky for both of us,” she shares of their sweet bond.

“When I got the call to start filming Wog Boys Forever, Scout and I were at home alone because I had just picked her up from school. After performing a happy dance together in the living room, we strolled down the street to grab crepes. She ordered a lemonade, and I ordered champagne.”

Sarah says playing DJ Cleo in the new Aussie comedy was a full-circle moment.

“I grew up watching the Wog Boy films,” says the Sydney-based actress, who first met co-star and film creator Nick Giannopoulos more than a decade ago.

“I asked Nick if I could have coffee with him since I was looking for acting coaching and I knew him somehow because I’m a Melbourne girl. Funny thing is, while we were working together on set, we had that conversation and reminded each other of that particular instance. It was easy to work with him. I picked up a lot from him.”

Sarah is open to collaborating with her great spouse once more. The actress, who left the soap in April 2021, said, “I’d love to return to Summer Bay if the story made sense. “Simply put, it’s a fantastic regular work. The steadiness is what I believe Jimmy appreciates most about it. Finding stability as an actor is challenging, particularly in Australia.”

When asked if her 46-year-old partner, who has been a cast member on the soap opera since 2016, would ever leave it, Sarah confesses, “You’d have to speak with him. I constantly crack a joke about him being the next Alf!”

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