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Fans gush over Home and Away star’s post

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‘One hot mumma.’

Actress Sophie Dillman of Home and Away is thoroughly enjoying the experience of feigning pregnancy.

Dillman plays Ziggy on the beloved Channel 7 soap opera, where she is expecting her partner Dean (played by Patrick O’Connor, who also happens to be her real-life partner).

In a recent post, the popular actress, 30, shared photos from behind the scenes of Home and Away where she posed with her fake “preggy belly”.

“Ziggy is one hot mumma,” Dillman captioned the pictures, which show her posing in a sexy red minidress.

Her fans and followers were quick to agree, flooding the comments section with heart-eye emojis.

“Yes she is! I love this dress so much,” one follower wrote.

“I love pregnant Ziggy. I’ve enjoyed this storyline of Ziggy and Dean becoming parents, you have made me laugh and smile,” one fan added.

“You look so cute pregnant.”

“If you need a baby to practise with I can drop mine off for the day,” another follower joked.

Dillman said it had been an interesting experience to play a pregnant couple with her real-life boyfriend in an exclusive interview with 7Entertainment earlier this month.

I feel really fortunate to be able to practise all the pregnancy-related activities without actually being pregnant, she said.

“You know, Ziggy had it all. She had nausea, exhaustion, mood swings, discomfort, Braxton Hicks, and everything like that.

Going through all of that, particularly with your real-life partner, actually sparks a lot of dialogue that, in my opinion, few people would have unless they were visibly walking around with a fake baby tummy.

Dillman said that the false pregnancy with O’Connor was “very weird.”

However, she added, Ziggy and Dean are extremely dissimilar from Sophie and Paddy, so sort of returning home, shaving the bump, and other such actions signify a separation.

It has truly been a lot of fun.

They “spoke about it and continue to speak about it all the time,” according to Dillman, who said that the imaginary pregnancy had inspired conversations about a potential real-life one.

She stated, “It’s not what we want to do right now, but it’s something we absolutely want to look into one day.”

Therefore, having fun with all the hypotheticals.

It’s obvious that some of her supporters would like to see Dillman and O’Connor as their actual parents.

Please have a Bebe in real life, one supporter commented under her most recent post.

Another person commented, “You would make the most beautiful mother one day.”

Others were a little perplexed by Dillman’s most recent post and believed she was actually expecting.

Congratulations, one supporter wrote, while another admitted: “Until I read the caption, I thought you were pregnant.”

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