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Fans of Emmerdale speculate about Gail’s shocking pregnancy news and whether Ryan is the father.

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Since Gail Loman moved to the town to renew her romance with Ryan Stocks, viewers of Emmerdale have grown wary of the newcomer.

Fans of Emmerdale appear to believe that newbie Gail Loman, played by Rachael Gill-Davis, is expecting a child, but is her boyfriend Ryan Stocks, played by James Moore, the father?

In the ITV program from last night, Gail set up a special dinner for Ryan and her at The Woolpack.

Her mood, however, abruptly altered when she got a call from an unknown number.

Gail ended the call by saying, “Now is not the best time, can I call you back?” Bye, thank you.

Are everything all right? Ryan questioned as Gail answered, “It was just a scammer.”

Gail changed the topic and walked to the bathroom, which is when she seized the opportunity to contact the scammer back when Ryan questioned her about why she would do so.

Fans, however, flooded social media after the enigmatic call to speculate about what Gail is keeping from Ryan.

“The barmaid?,” a supporter guessed. Yes, she is either pregnant or she is obstructing the truth.

Another speculated, “I read that her mother is coming into it soon so we might find out more about her.”

One more person said: “Gail is the one to watch, notice how silly she acted when she first came to Emmerdale now all of a sudden she is acting tough and being nasty, l don’t trust her but l never took to her on her first day.”

I was assuming she was pregnant,” a second admirer chimed in.

The actress who portrays Gail talked candidly about the experience of getting the part in the ITV soap opera in a recent interview.

Since I grew up watching Emmerdale, the actress said, “seeing the people who play the characters I’ve been watching for so many years was so incredible.

“I shot in various locations over the course of two days.”

She said, “Everyone was so nice, they were lovely,” to the Blackpool Gazette. Gail, as a character, reminds me a lot of myself.

She enjoys her music and is a little crazy. She shows up and turns out to be a potential love interest for Ryan Stocks.

“Since this was my first television role, it was both intimidating and thrilling. Hope it will lead to new opportunities. We are going to watch the episodes together because my mother is a huge fan of the soap opera.

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