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Former Home and Away star Dan Ewing announces engagement news

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Home and Away star Dan Ewing has announced his engagement to girlfriend Kat Risteska.

The Australian soap star and former Power Rangers star uploaded a snapshot of his hands holding Risteska’s hand, which was adorned with a gleaming ring, over the weekend.

“All I want for Christmas is…” he said sweetly in his caption, and now Mariah Carey has stuck in our heads all over again…

Ewing was previously married to Marni and had a son named Archer with her. They divorced after three years of marriage, although their child was co-parented. When they were together, the actor said he was a “grumpy old idiot,” but that after they parted, he became a better guy.

Heath Braxton on Home and Away has been played by the actor since 2011, leaving in 2014 before returning in 2016 and again at the start of this year.

He recently stated that he is more than willing to return, despite the fact that he is currently working on other projects.

“I’m a stickler for storylines,” he said. “It’s not about ratings for me. Obviously, I’m doing stuff now that takes a lot of time. Would I turn my nose up at it [returning to H&A] because I see it as lower down the rung? No.

“I think what they’re doing now is just fantastic. The trained eye will see they’ve updated all their cameras and put a lot of money into production value.

“People try to leave Home and Away in their wake but I celebrate it. I think it’s funny when people don’t want to talk about it! It was an incredible experience. I love everyone on there.”

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