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Former Home and Away star Sarah Roberts responds to James Stewart split rumours

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“You can definitely clear it up… we’re happy,”

Sarah Roberts, a former Home and Away actor, has spoken out to allay fan concerns after rumors surfaced that she and her husband, James Stewart, a former co-star, were not getting along.

You can certainly clear that up, and we’re glad, Roberts stated in a statement to Woman’s Day. When I arrived from Tuscany last week, he met me at the airport with a large bouquet of pink tulips.

“He’s been wonderful, and I’ve been sick recently. He has been taking care of me with foot massages and chicken soup.

As for how it feels to cope with rumors about her personal life, Roberts tries not to let it bother her too much, saying: “Look, you have to have a thick skin, don’t you? I can’t get rid of Jimmy; he follows me around in real life everywhere.” ”

Furthermore, despite the couple’s relatively recent marriage, they have experienced their fair share of hardships. In the three years that we have been married, a lot has happened. It seems like it’s been a very long time, yet at the same time, it feels like it passed away suddenly after my brother passed away and we had COVID.

When asked lately if she would return to Home and Away should the opportunity arise, Sarah seemed enthusiastic.

Roberts said in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle: “I adored my time at Home and Away; I grew very close to everyone there, and they treated me like family.

Because you get to spend every day at work hanging out with all your favorite people, working on that program also seems like a vacation.”

Roberts, who made her debut in 2017, left the role of Willow Harris last year. Prior to that, she played Sienna, Mark Brennan’s ex, in a guest appearance on the now-canceled Neighbours.

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