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General Hospital: Lois Cerullos Confesses Her Undying Love For Eddie

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On General Hospital, Ned Quartermaine’s story has recently taken some incredibly unexpected turns. Everything began when Nina turned on Carly and Drew to the SEC, and Ned was held accountable. Later, Ned lost his memory as a result of an accident at the Metro Court pool, and he floated back to the 1990s. Back when he used to go by Eddie Maine, his rock star alias. Additionally, he lost all memory of his wife, Olivia Quartermaine, and everything else related to his life as Ned. Recently, though, the two of them have begun to feel very at ease with one another. That only begs for trouble, of course! Lois Cerullo, prepare for a flashback as we soon receive one! Continue reading.

Ned’s Ex Lois Curello Returns To Port Charles

For soap operas, the 1990s were a crazy decade. The ’90s also gave viewers some of the most adored and acclaimed on-screen couples, though. On General Hospital, one such couple was Eddie Maine and Lois Curello. Their relationship was a sure thing. However, Eddie’s romance with Lois eventually ended when he had to assume his duties at ELQ and revert to his Ned Quartermaine persona. She was unable to deal with the Quartermaine family and Eddie’s Ned side. She then broke off her relationship with him and left town.

Rena Sofer is now prepared to revive Lois for General Hospital, though. Sometime in October, she will rejoin the group. And to be perfectly honest, we cannot wait! The spoilers hint that Lois may at first rush to the PC to defend her daughter, Brook Lynn Quartermaine. Therefore, viewers can anticipate some intense confrontations between her and Tracy. Oh, how I miss the good old days! Even in the 1990s, they never got along. We are eager to see what transpires when she meets Ned/Eddie, though!

Lois’ Return Stirs Trouble For Olivia and Eddie’s Budding Romance On General Hospital

Eddie Maine had vanished into oblivion and Ned had taken over when Lois left Port Charles. But when Lois comes back, she’ll see that Ned has changed back into Eddie. the General Hospital character she fell so deeply in love with. It is reasonable to anticipate that both of them may experience flashbacks of old memories and emotions. In fact, it’s even conceivable that Lois will make a significant, irrevocable confession. She might confess to Eddie that despite leaving, she never truly moved on!

Then, what will happen? Will Eddie give the same sentiment in return? And he really did love Lois! But what will happen to the relationship that he and Olivia are gradually but surely developing? Will it fade away? Or are Olivia and Lois about to engage in a new love triangle over Eddie Maine? And if that occurs, who would you support? In the comments, please. While waiting for more General Hospital updates on Eddie’s romantic future, keep checking TV Season & Spoilers.

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