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GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 8/10/23: “Eddie” Flirts With Carly!

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These GENERAL HOSPITAL spoilers are nonstop drama! Sam has a proposal for Maxie, Sam and Marshall talk about Curtis’ future as he receives a visitor, Trina asks for assistance, Alexis questions Kristina, Dante wants answers from Anna, and “Eddie” turns on the charm with Carly. Marshall visits Curtis in the hospital and then goes home to talk to Portia about it. She asks him, “You don’t think Curtis should move back here?” Another visitor arrives while Curtis is still in the hospital. He says, “I’m assuming you’re not here for any medical reasons.” Trina runs up to a doctor in the hallway and says, “I need your help!”

Given her daughter’s new endeavor with constructing the shelter and her offer to serve as Molly and TJ’s surrogate, Alexis has been keeping a closer eye on Kristina lately. You intended to burn the books, didn’t you? Alexis queries her.

Dante checks in with Anna as he continues to look into the shooting. He asks, “So you believe Pikeman had something to do with the attempt on your life.” Can they, however, establish it and thwart her pursuers before they strike once more? Maxie is approached with a proposal by Sam. She says, “I have a solution for you.” But what exactly does Maxie require assistance with? Work? Her children? or something entirely different? Ned is out and about partying as “Eddie Maine” when Carly runs into him. And since “Eddie” has no recollections of his late wife Olivia, he has no qualms about making out with the blonde! He wonders, “Why would anyone betray a beautiful woman like you?”

Check out this preview for the dramatic new GH episode airing today!

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