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General Hospital Spoilers: Drew Jumps Off The High Road To Play Dirty With Nina — And It’ll Cost Him

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Spoilers for General Hospital hint at After making his bed, Cameron Mathison’s character Drew Cain will now be able to lie on it. The last thing he had planned was to hook up with Nina Reeves Corinthos (Cynthia Watros), but it’s too late to undo that.

Drew doesn’t seem to be seeing the ramifications of his bad choice just yet, but he should be more wary and concerned about Nina taking revenge than he is.

They will very soon, and by the time Nina is through with him, he will be left struggling to put his broken life back together. When he’s done holding Nina on his lap, Nina will have Drew by the balls.

General Hospital Spoilers — A Matter of Consent

Even though Nina is not reporting a sexual assault, she still plans to take advantage of this voluntary act between her and Drew, her boss, for her own gain on the personal and professional fronts.

Nina will perceive it that she need not take significant action to achieve her goals. She doesn’t have to tell HR that Drew forced her to hook up with him, or that she thought she wouldn’t be able to move up in the company if she didn’t.

It isn’t nearly that complicated. To get Drew to comply with her requests, all she needs to do is threaten him and dangle this carrot wherever it is needed.

GH Spoilers Report Nina Calls Checkmate

After their passionate encounter in Drew’s office, Nina may have left his office upset that he still had the upper hand, but it won’t take her long to understand she has more cards now.

She will forge her own route back into her daughter’s life as soon as she understands she is in control of the circumstance, and she most likely won’t stop there.

Nina might quickly find herself moving up the corporate ladder by tricking Drew into pace her on the board at Aurora—and then some.

General Hospital Spoilers — Make It Make Sense

Nobody around Drew will understand his abrupt change in attitude toward Nina, least of all Willow Corinthos (Katelyn MacMullen) and Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell).

He could have to suppress his true feelings for Nina by default, which could be interpreted as an attempt to make Michael and Willow more receptive to Nina’s return to their life.

Of course, she may also press for that by using her power over him. Will Drew’s recent detour be embraced by those in his immediate vicinity, many of whom are already worried about the changes in his personality since he returned from Pentonville?

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