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General Hospital Spoilers: Lois Cerullo’s Underhanded Move, Comes Back For Eddie Maine?

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General Hospital (GH) rumors suggest that Lois Cerullo (Rena Sofer), a native of Brooklyn, will visit Port Charles again the following month.

What are the chances that she will talk to Wally Kurth’s Eddie “Neddie” Maine and reminisce about the past? Excellent chances exist, which explains why Ned Quartermaine is kept in the past and worn-out clothing in the television series.

Although Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton), their daughter, will also visit Lois, we anticipate a spark to fly between Neddie and Olivia Quartermaine (Lisa LoCicero) at the same time that they seem to be falling for one another.

Can you picture Lois, Neddie, and Olivia in a love triangle? We can, and it’ll include a bag of chips, dinner, and a show!

General Hospital spoilers: Hurricane Lois Arrives

With BLQ, Neddie, and Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot), who wants her busker son committed to jolt him out of his amnesia, Lois will have her hands full.

Back in the final decade of the previous century, Brook Lynn’s mother and father started dating. Lois fell in love with Eddie, and when Ned’s Q lifestyle came into the open, their relationship was rocked (pun intended).

After that came Tracy, who had no patience for Lois, a blue-collar, and eventually the music producer left Port Chuck.

GH spoilers: Lois and Eddie Were Existential

We doubt Lois will be pleased with Tracy’s desire to commit Neddie because she will throw a fit when she learns how Tracy coerced BLQ into corporate espionage. While the non-union writers try their best to maintain storyline continuity, Lois is the much-needed breath of fresh air for GH.

General Hospital spoilers: Lois Cerullo Arrives Next Month

The key question is whether Lois’ reappearance has a secret purpose. The spitfire doesn’t even need a reason to stir the pot; her mere presence will enrage many people, especially Tracy and Neddie, whose reaction should be hilarious. Be sure to tune in to find out because shocking plot twists are predicted by explosive show spoilers.

Do you have a favorite Ned and Lois memory, GH fans? What do you recall about this legendary daytime couple from the past?

Fun fact: Quinn Fuller was Rena Sofer’s final daytime character on CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful.

Make sure to stay current with everything that GH is doing right now. Come

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