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General Hospital Spoilers: Ryan Turns Deadly Hook On Heather – Wants Esme’s Mom Gone to Make Way for Ava?

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General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Heather Webber (Alley Mills) may be lulling herself into a false sense of security when it comes to Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom). Heather knows that Ryan is faking his locked-in syndrome and is impressed that he’s been using his phony condition to make people underestimate him.

Unfortunately, Heather seems to be underestimating Ryan as well. Since Heather can also be incredibly dangerous, maybe she thinks she can hold her own against Ryan.

Nevertheless, Ryan has a long list of dead victims and isn’t afraid to keep adding to it. Could Heather find herself facing Ryan’s deadly wrath in the not-too-distant future?

GH fans know Ryan and Heather recently talked about their dream of having a family.

Heather and Ryan are both keeping that dream alive, but Ava Jerome (Maura West) is the woman Ryan truly wants to build a life with.

Ryan acted like he could be a family of five with Heather, Ava, Esme Prince (Avery Pohl) and the baby, but he may eventually decide it should be a family of four that doesn’t include Heather.

Since Heather doesn’t want Ava to be part of all this and doesn’t believe it’s a realistic possibility anyway, Ryan may determine that there’s no room for naysayers in his family unit.

If Heather goes as far as trying to make Ava a hook victim again, that could really be the last straw.

Heather suggested Ryan was an old softie grandpa, but a deranged serious killer still lurks underneath.

Having Ryan try to kill Esme’s mother could perhaps open Esme’s eyes to who he really is as a person.

Once Esme’s memories return, she’ll ultimately remember how badly she wanted to find out who her bio mom was.

If Ryan tries to wipe Heather off the map, that could be enough to turn Esme against her father.

However, it’s Ryan who could turn on Heather first since Ava will always be his true love.

After Heather gets her hands on another hook, could Ryan try to use it on her?

Ryan might think it’s time to end Heather once and for all, so stay tuned for updates on this twisted duo and their spawn!

General Hospital spoilers say some exciting curveballs are still to come in Port Charles, which means there’ll be more hook news and shocking GH drama.

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