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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam’s Secrets Rock Dante

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General Hospital spoilers promise that Sam McCall‘s (Kelly Monaco) relationship with Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) will be tested soon. And Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) is the root of the problem on GH. So, is “Sante” strong enough to beat the odds on the ABC daytime drama?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam McCall & Dante Falconeri Going Strong

On General Hospital, Sam McCall and her detective boyfriend Dante Falconeri are now doing wonderfully. Sam and the Port Charles officer stopped using the L-word and moved in together during the past year. They are overjoyed to have combined their families.

However, they did suffer one glitch along the road. Sam is still getting used to her new life as a cop. She is accustomed to living with mobster, as viewers of General Hospital may remember.

So, in her previous relationships, lying and breaking the law were normal and even encouraged. But with Dante, of course, things are different. The PCPD officer generally follows the law.

And of course, he doesn’t breach the law – he upholds it. He therefore demands total honesty from his lady. On General Hospital, his old friend is preventing her from doing it.

Cody Bell Causes Trouble on GH

Dante’s childhood buddy, Cody, is shaking things up in his romance with Sam McCall. Recently, she found out the drifter blackmailed one of her closest friends — Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson).

The genius hacker is in way over his head with his dating app, Society Setups. Indeed, the algorithm is genius — but it also breaks countless laws. And Cody is using that as leverage over The Jackal, recall General Hospital recaps.

She will undoubtedly go to any lengths to keep Spinelli out of jail because she genuinely wants to assist him. But doing so means Dante won’t know. He would certainly comprehend Sam’s justifications for keeping Spinelli’s identity a secret on General Hospital.

But the cowboy is a different matter. Sam may have made Dante feel betrayed by not telling him the truth about his friend. He’ll probably feel that it’s his right to know that his old friend is behaving dishonestly. And his girlfriend might hurt him a lot.

Rocky Road Ahead for Sante on General Hospital

Viewers of GH are aware of how much Dante Falconeri cherishes truthfulness. He recently discovered Sam looking through his phone for official police information. For the officer, that was almost a deal-breaker.

If he couldn’t trust her, he told her that their relationship wouldn’t work. The private eye swore to never do anything similar again and to always be truthful with him.

On General Hospital, she is now hiding the cowboy’s secret from him. Of course, the PI despises hiding information from her partner. However, she believes she is acting morally. Dante, however, might not think so.

According to GH spoilers, “Sante” will be put to the test due to Cody, and they might not survive. Watch every second of the ABC suspense series to find out if Sam McCall and detective Dante Falconeri will remain together despite the drama and secrets.

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