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General Hospital Spoilers: Surprise Visitor Alert At Chase’s Bachelor Party – Is Jackie Templeton Back In Port Charles?

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General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease of a surprise visitor alert at Harrison Chase’s (Josh Swickard) bachelor party at the hatchet range. Might his mother, Jackie Templeton (last played by Kim Delaney) drop by to see her son after a couple of years?

General Hospital Spoilers: Chase Hasn’t Seen His Mother In Three Years

Chase’s mother filed for divorce from Gregory Chase (Gregory Harrison) in 2022, so he hasn’t seen her in three years. Before she left town, Chase was on the verge of death, but she was able to witness his recovery after learning that he was actually Gregory’s son.

Before then, there was a rumor that Michael Easton’s character Hamilton Finn was actually Gregory’s father, which led to the two of them being estranged until the truth was revealed.

Whether Jackie would stay for the wedding, remains to be seen-but after Chase and Finn find their father in a medical crisis-she just may stick around to support them. It looks like whatever the medical crisis is, Greg survives and lives to argue with Finn the end of the week!

GH Spoilers: Jackie Would Be Up For Throwing Hatchets

Without a doubt, Jackie would be willing to exchange blows; before she met Gregory and was married, she was a fierce woman who dated a lot of guys in Port Charles.

If Chase hasn’t told her, she might be horrified to learn that Greg has been employed by a newspaper and taken aback to learn that he is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as ALS.

Perhaps that’s what Finn and Gregory argue about, telling Jackie the truth-Greg may want to hide it, but as an investigative reporter, she’d make it her mission to find out!

If she hasn’t been keeping up with the goings-on in Port Charles while she’s been away, she’ll find that a whole lot of things have changed.

General Hospital Spoilers: Chase Would Want Her To Stay For The Wedding

It’s only a few weeks away from now, therefore Chase would undoubtedly want his mother to attend his wedding. In the event that Gregory is unable to officiate as planned—he is failing so quickly—he and Finn have been attempting to come up with backup plans.

Jackie and Gregory will probably get along well enough after all this time, and the four of them might even be able to get together for dinner.

Maybe Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton), Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst), and the children will get together. However, they will never again play the coffee roulette game that was once a family ritual because it brings back too many unpleasant memories!

Make sure you read up on all that GH has been up to lately. For news, updates, and spoilers about General Hospital, check back here frequently.

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