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General Hospital spoilers week of October 17

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In the recap for today, Victor consents to set up Valentin’s meeting with Charlotte, Cody consents to the DNA test, and Carly is shocked by Peyton’s remarks.

Will Carly receive a pleasant or unpleasant surprise?

Scott is seated for a catch-up session by Mac and Felicia now that he has returned to town. He certainly missed a lot, boy!

Anna and Lucy end up disagreeing. Victor tries to work out a deal with his son Valentin in the meantime.

Britt divulges more about her past to Cody as she opens up to him.

A veteran of the ABC soap operas writes a moving tribute to the “lovely woman and stand-alone talent” that we will all miss.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday October 18:

In other words, Lucy finds herself in a dangerous but familiar situation.

When it comes to their personal relationship, Cody and Britt haven’t had the best of luck, but he may win her over by volunteering to help.

Esme must stand up for herself. but who or from what?

Ava, one of Scott’s clients, is in desperate need of help, so it’s a good thing he’s back in town. Man, get that retainer!

Anna has more cause for concern about Valentin now than she did before they started dating.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, October 19:

Is it a professional or personal connection when Robert and Diane meet?

Esme is now able to exhale deeply. but just for a few second before she is abruptly relieved.

Ava confronts Nikolas while they dance as usual.

Over the years, Kristina and Alexis have encountered numerous problems. As they try to patch things up, how much of the past will still affect their present?

Anna accuses someone while pointing.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, October 20:

Today marks the long-awaited return of the one and only Holly Sutton. Who abducted her and why? (Perhaps we can now finally learn the answers to these pressing questions?)

A proposition is made to Nina, but it turns out that it is one that she may reject.

Ned and Michael’s relationship has frequently been tense, and it is still so as they butt heads. I bet it has to do with ELQ’s future…

Trina should exercise caution because Victor is asking her a lot of questions.

Which of the women in Curtis’ life will be affected by his change of heart?

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, October 21:

Peace of mind is something that Carly has struggled to obtain for a long time, but now she has it.

With their son—wait, how can he be so grown up already?—Laura Wright (Carly) and her ex-partner celebrate parents weekend.

Sasha and Maxie are unable to help but worry.

Two brilliant minds are always better than one, especially when those two minds are those of Anna and Jordan.

Chase wants to talk to someone, but is Brook Lynn’s father the best option? The woman in question is also getting a fairly unwelcome reminder of something.

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