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General Hospital’s Laura Wright and Her Ex Celebrate Parents Weekend With Their Son Who’s… Wait, How Can He Be So Grown Up Already?

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Laura Wright (Carly) of General Hospital celebrated a memorable weekend with family and friends to remember her “favorite son.” John Michael Wright, the only child she has with her ex-husband John Wright, was the subject of the investigation.

Weekend with my beloved son as parents! Wright applauded. What a wonderful set of pals!

At Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, where John is a senior, Homecoming and Family Weekend were combined. Wright posted numerous images from the event, some of which showed the happy parents holding their kid. Additionally, there were pictures of John with his father, a few with just his mother, and numerous others with his college pals.

Speaking of John’s pleased father, he also shared a couple pictures of himself and his son celebrating throughout the festivities by enjoying a drink.

We have seen numerous images that Wright has provided of her son over the years, and we are in awe of how mature he has become. We believe you will share this sentiment once you have viewed the photo chronology of John’s life. Wright’s coworker Maura West (Ava), who played John when he was 21 years old, made care to tell her what a “wonderful kid” she had.

Wright previously shared images of her and boyfriend Wes Ramsey (formerly Peter) visiting John in Fort Collins back in July.

It’s obvious that the family spent more quality time together, and we wish John the best as he enters his final year at Colorado State!

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