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GH Spoilers Speculation: Austin Gatlin-Holt Isn’t Who He Says He Is

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As soon as Austin appeared on screen, skulking in the woods like some weird lurker guy, GH spoilers made us suspicious of him. He asserted that he was Tracy’s nephew, Jason’s cousin, Michael’s…something, etc., and that he was the son of Jimmy Lee Holt, Edward Qurtermaine’s illegitimate son. The Quartermaines quickly believed his account. But the fans have more knowledge.

GH Spoilers Speculation: That Was Your First Mistake

No DNA test was performed, and even a call to Jimmy Lee was not made to verify Roger Howarth’s (Austin’s) claim that Jimmy Lee was deceased. The fact that Jason (Steve Burton) doesn’t really care that Michael (Chad Duell) is stupid. But Jane Elliot’s Tracy was supposed to deliver more. In any case, Austin was welcomed into the family without any hesitation. However, we have inquiries.

GH: Age of Aquarius

Austin recently made a mistake and disclosed his actual age: 48. But those of us who were present know that Charity and Jimmy Lee didn’t meet until after Alan (Stuart Damon) lost his memory and ended up living on a farm with a virtuous farm widow, which was about 37 years ago. Once his memory returned, Alan visited Monica (Leslie Charleson). So Jimmy Lee, the younger brother, became the “widow.”

GH Spoilers: Likely Explanation

Sure, we could write it off as just another instance of the tedious, dated Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome (SORAS). But kids usually do that. They develop from an infant to a preschooler to a pre-teen to a teen who appears to be in their twenties. Adults rarely intentionally age. Because of this, our story is much better.

General Hospital: Brother’s Keeper

Charity had a good-natured farming son named Jonah when Alan and Jimmy Lee first met her. Jonah was around 10 years old at the time. Jonah, the only child Jimmy Lee and Charity never had, would be 48 years old right about now. What does it matter if Jonah is impersonating Austin? What if Austin doesn’t exist? What if Jonah decided he and his mother were due some of the Quartermaine money based solely on the tales his late stepfather told him? We now have a story!

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