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GH Spoilers Speculation: Sonny and Nina Trip Down the Aisle

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Even as viewers question how it could possibly happen, GH spoilers continue to point toward a Sonny and Nina wedding. There are numerous obstacles in the way. Not just a disgruntled Carly, an unyielding Michael, or a wavering Willow, but also the minor issue of Nina bringing the SEC against Carly and having Drew go to jail as a result. That information will eventually surface sooner rather than later. Can it stop them from living happily ever after?

GH Spoilers Speculation: Honesty is Best

There’s a chance Nina (Cynthia Watros) will decide to tell the truth. She might want to avoid telling any lies as she begins her new marriage. Alternatively, she might want to inform Sonny (Maurice Benard) before someone else does. Ned (Wally Kurth) won’t remain Eddie indefinitely.

General Hospital: Too Little Too Late

But before she tells Sonny what she’s been up to, Nina might prefer to finalize the arrangement and make him her husband in law. A marriage is much more difficult to dissolve than an engagement. She needs to be certain that Sonny is fully committed. Additionally, Carly (Laura Wright) can’t simply intervene to pick up the pieces. Immediately.

GH Spoilers: Full Speed Ahead

Nina won’t likely get the chance, either before or after, though. Ned and others are aware of Nina’s secret. She therefore has no control over how soon she will be exposed. Without a doubt, it will take place before the nuptials. The likelihood of the wedding happening now is significantly lower. Sonny could decide to cancel. But Nina is another possibility. If she reports his ex-wife’s crime, she might decide she can’t follow through with it and even start to doubt her relationship with Sonny. It is puzzling why Nina is seen as more of a villain for turning Carly in than Carly is for actually carrying out the offense for which she deserved to be turned in. And if Sonny feels that way,

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