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GH’s Maurice Benard & His Wife Paula Benard On How Life Prepares You

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Every week Soap Hub tells its readers that the episode of Maurice Benard’s video podcast State Of Mind from GH was fantastic, but this week’s episode was truly exceptional. On her birthday, Benard and Paula had a candid conversation in their new studio about how they as a couple overcame hardships and discovered happiness.

Paula and Maurice Benard: Life Gives You What You Need

Both Benard (Sonny, GH) and 16-year-old Paula Smith had no idea that their early 1980s encounter would lead to a 30-plus year marriage and four children. They had no idea that their individual histories of abuse in their homes, mental illness diagnoses, and a tendency to hide their vulnerability from others could be just what they needed to begin their journey toward healing—together.

The best-selling author and actor who has won three Daytime Emmy Awards for his work has frequently referred to his wife as his savior. She even has a quote on the merch he sells for his podcast: “You are stronger than you know.” However, as soon as the interview starts, the audience can tell that his wife is a shy and reserved person who feels uneasy in the spotlight. She said in a trembling voice, “I love listening to people tell their stories, being here for people who need to tell their stories, and being here.” “In my life, I talk a lot, but this is very awkward for me.”

Benard wasn’t letting her off the hook and kept bringing up her story, just like the fictional mobster he plays on television. She admitted, “My mom had a drug problem. She was incredible. I adored my mother. My mother and I had a very close relationship, but she struggled with drug addiction, which frequently took a toll on her throughout our lives. We were vagrants. My brother, my sister, and I were taken away and placed in a foster home for a while.

She soon revealed more of her difficult past. “I never knew my dad,” the producer admitted. I had a very, very difficult life, so it was difficult for me. But I always had the impression that something was there to support me.

Along with my brother and sister, I had many cousins. Unlike me, they were able to participate in the chaos of our life even though they didn’t enjoy it. I reclined in horror and constant fear.

The church, her love of animals, and a fourth-grade teacher, according to Benard’s wife, were all instrumental in helping her get through difficult times and develop self-love and self-belief.

When The Pieces Fall Into Place

Nobody could have foreseen that the former actress’ upbringing would equip her with the skills necessary to manage her husband’s bipolar disorder, but it did. When Benard questioned his wife about staying, she responded, “I think we end up where we’re supposed to be. It wasn’t something I was afraid of or felt like I had to run from because I went through so much with my mother and her rage, personality changes, ODing, and other things like that,” she continued without pausing. “I felt that I needed to stay and assist with this situation. I simply didn’t think to ask about that.

During this conversation, the couple discussed a variety of topics, including how they first met, their initial impressions, early issues that arose, his parents providing his future wife with a place to stay, his early days on All My Children, moving from New York to Los Angeles, their financial struggles, and how they ultimately got married.

The couple talked about his third and most terrifying breakdown, how she handled it, how General Hospital supported his mental health journey, having four children who grew up on the set, inspiring others, and building a healthy family together, as detailed in his memoir, Nothing General About It: How Love (and Lithium) Saved Me On And Off General Hospital. State Of The Union’s epic journey is a can’t-miss episode.

Go to Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to subscribe to and follow State Of Mind. The inspirational merchandise for Maurice Benard’s State Of Mind is now available for fans to purchase. Look into it.

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