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Griff Reynolds in Coronation Street: Why does he want revenge on Roy? A complete explanation of his cobbles history

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In tonight’s Coronation Street episode, Griff Reynolds appears in Roy Cropper’s prison cell.

Alongside Roy, the far-right activist believes that Roy killed his friend Reece Bolton’s daughter, and the two are injured in Weatherfield Nick.

And for poor Roy, that means trouble.

Who then is Griff? What is his story, too? Is he even related to Lauren, really?

Griff Reynolds in Coronation Street

Griff made his television debut in 2022 on Corrie, where he was a part of the plot about a far-right gang grooming teenage Max Turner.

Without realizing that Spider Nugent was actually an undercover police officer, he made friends with both Spider and his girlfriend Toyah Habeeb before moving on to Peter Barlow.

They started hanging out and attending protests together, just like Spider and Toyah did in their youth. However, Griff went a little too far and hurled a bottle during a protest; he subsequently refuted this.

Peter discovered the band’s racist song lyrics when he went to an event with Griff and his friends. Startled, he left his new companions behind and attempted to caution Spider.

Grooming Max

Griff realized Max Turner, a disturbed schoolboy, would be the perfect addition to their gang and carry out their dirty work!

He started making friends with Max and defended him from bullies.

Max went even farther as he started to put more and more faith in Griff. He persuaded Max to succumb to the gang’s influence by seducing him with Lauren, the daughter of his friend Reece.

What happened next?

The gang was incarcerated as a result of their increasingly violent plots. Now that he’s been moved to Weatherfield, Griff is committed to convincing Roy to acknowledge that he killed Lauren and to tell him what he did with her body.

However, Roy is innocent; what will happen to him if Griff resorts to violence to force him to confess?

Who plays Griff?

The actor Michael Condron plays Griff. His most well-known role is that of Night’s Watchman Bowen Marsh in the television series Game of Thrones.

When he plans a mutiny against Jon Snow, he meets his maker.

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