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Home and Away Cash star’s life – co-star romance snub, military exit and famous sister

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Nicholas Cartwright joined the Australian soap back in June 2021 and has been a part of some rivetting storylines, but what about his life away from the cameras

Nicholas Cartwright, who stars in Home and Away on Channel 5 and moved to Summer Bay last year, is best known for his role as senior police officer Cash Newman.

Nicholas impressed viewers with his keen eye for detail and beautiful looks when he first appeared as Cash. He was quickly involved in some suspenseful storylines.

As viewers learned about Cash’s tragic past, which included the murder of his father and being raised in foster care, their compassion for Nicholas’ character grew.

Although Nicholas’s life outside of his character isn’t quite as spectacular, it seems acting is a family business because his sister is a well-known soap opera actress.

The Daily Star looks at the lives of the Channel 5 star, including his military service and relationship with his co-star.

Frontline Soldier

Nicholas spent six years as an Australian Army rifleman before joining the soap, where he was stationed in Afghanistan and East Timor.

Nicholas told Perth Now that he needed to “mix things up” after quitting the Army and that he needed to “fill the hole the defense force left.”

When you leave the defense forces, you could feel a little confused, and nobody likes to work a regular job, he admitted.

So I asked myself, “What’s the craziest thing I can do?” and chose to enroll at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA).

Co-star “romance”

After Nicholas joined the program, social media users instantly began to speculate about possible romantic chemistry between him and Jasmine co-star Sam Frost.

After pictures of the two getting close on the show appeared online, viewers went to Twitter to discuss whether they were dating.

Sam promptly dispelled the rumors and refuted the relationship theory.

She posted several images of the two holding drinks and captioned them, “I mean… we’re pretty much the same person. Except I’m more funnier.”

When a fan enquired about their relationship in real life, Sam replied, “Nope.. regrettably for Nic,”

Soap Star Sister

In May, Nicholas made known that Zara Zoe, his sister in real life, had joined the soap opera.

The 33-year-old uploaded several photos of himself and Zara taken behind the scenes.

He wrote: “I’m not sure whether you’ve seen the advertisement, but this week on @homeandaway, my lovely little sister will be joining us!

“On set, I’ve never had more fun. It was virtually impossible to avoid giggling with delight as I looked across at her between takes. Working with family in such a strange world is such a lovely experience.

Tune in to watch what we get up to and welcome to the squad @nottherealzarazoe.

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