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Home and Away discovery as Justin catches out Theo and Kirby

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Next week on UK television, Justin Morgan from Home and Away learns about Theo Poulos’ covert romance with Kirby Aramoana.

Theo and Kirby have been seen in recent Channel 5 shows concealing their relationship out of respect for their fellow Lyrik band members.

A few weeks ago, as chemistry started to grow between Theo and Kirby, Remi Carter and Eden Fowler moved quickly to make it clear that hookups were not permitted within the group.

This was partially due to issues Kirby had with lead singer Bob Forsyth in the past, which led to Bob’s recent resignation from the band.

Kirby will continue to harbour doubts over the covert relationship in the episodes that will air on UK television next week.

For the benefit of Lyrik, Kirby advises Theo that they establish some ground rules for their covert connection.

These include hiding their emotions in front of others, despite how much they relish their intensity when they are alone.

Unfortunately, their intentions are derailed when Justin returns home and discovers Theo and Kirby in a lewd posture in the living room.

Theo and Kirby clarify that the tight Lyrik laws are the reason Justin is perplexed as to why they are moving stealthily.

Even from Theo’s aunt Leah Patterson, Justin agrees to keep their relationship a secret, but he also advises the young pair to limit their affection to the bedroom going forwards.

Later, Kirby and Theo share a natural chemistry on stage at their most recent performance at Salt.

Justin observes them and suggests that they might want to chill things off because their attraction is too obvious.

Kirby and Theo once again agree to be more cautious, knowing that a rift will develop within Lyrik if Eden and Remi ever discover the truth. But how long can they really keep this up for?

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