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Home and Away Elandra star Rarriwuy Hick’s life from single life to rival soap

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Aboriginal Australian actress Rarriwuy Hick has won over Home And Away fans as gorgeous Elandra Hudson, but what do we know about her life when she’s off screen?

Since coming to Summer Bay, Rarriwuy Hick has undoubtedly made an impression.

The 32-year-old Aboriginal Australian actress, who landed the part of Elandra Hudson in Home and Away earlier this year, has been gaining a lot of fans since her arrival in February.

Kyle Shilling’s character Elandra is the older sister of Mali, the one who took over the board business.

She proceeded to Summer Bay with the intention of discovering her brother’s whereabouts after he parted ways with them.

But what else do we know about the actress outside of the screen, as viewers grow to know Elandra in the popular Australian TV series?

Rarriwuy was born in Sydney and was raised both in the suburbs of the city and in an Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory.

She had a taste of the arts from an early age as her mum danced, so she grew up with an eye on performing.

Rarriwuy attended the National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association Dance College where she honed her skills.

And then in 2010 she was cast in the Aboriginal-produced play Wrong Skin in 2010, which proved to be a big break in her career.

What has she been in before?

By 2012, the actress had started to land screen parts.

Early television roles include Redfern Now, The Broken Shore and Cleverman.


And in 2018 she joined Aussie drama Wentworth as Ruby Mitchell, a role she had for three years.

Last year Rarriwuy played a detective in the series True Colours, which won her rave reviews.

Love life

Rarriwuy’s romantic history is largely unknown, as it seems that the brunette would rather keep any romance private.

She doesn’t name a partner on Instagram, despite the fact that she frequently posts pictures of her glamorous life there and is not known to be married.

When she isn’t performing, the actress is busy doing her bit for society.

In 2018 she started a global campaign called #OurKidsBelongWithFamily to raise awareness about the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

The movement aims to ensure that government protocols for keeping Indigenous children with family members are adhered to.

And Rarriwuy launched it following her family’s personal experience of having their nephews taken away.

The celebrity stated on the campaign’s website, “It was evident from the years of research that came out of our own family’s experience that welfare bodies nationally have not been following their own Indigenous centred guidelines and protocols.”

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