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Home and Away hints at heartbreak after marriage proposal

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Is there trouble ahead?

According to Home and Away, Tane Parata and Felicity Newman’s romance may face difficulties in the future.

Tane proposed to Felicity in the Australian shows from the previous week, inviting friends and family to witness the happy occasion.

Felicity acknowledged that she was taken by surprise by Tane’s huge gesture’s public character, but she ultimately agreed to it.

The Summer Bay neighborhood celebrated afterward, but Felicity acknowledged in Monday’s program of Channel 7 that she was still unsure.

In a private conversation at Salt, Felicity revealed to her friend and business partner Mackenzie Booth that Tane’s decision to propose in front of a crowd had put her under a lot of pressure to say yes.

As Felicity clarified: “Everyone was simply standing there when it appeared out of nowhere. He was on one knee and looked incredibly hopeful, even though I know he would despise the way I was feeling. I didn’t wish to embarrass or hurt him.”

Felicity made it clear that although she adores Tane and cannot imagine her life without him, she is not yet fully committed to the idea of getting married.

Mackenzie made an effort to minimize Felicity’s reservations by pointing out that she has plenty of time to resolve the situation.

The ring on your finger is basically the only thing that has changed, Mac advised. You’re not getting married tomorrow, after all.

“People maintain engagement over time.”

Will Felicity be reluctant to express her true feelings to Tane, and may this eventually harm their relationship?

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