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Home and Away introduces a new love interest for Nikau Parata

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Tane is concerned over his nephew’s decisions.

Next week on UK television, Home and Away’s Nikau Parata begins to move on after splitting from Bella Nixon.

Recently, Nikau made the difficult choice to break up with Bella because he wanted to keep her secure given the threat posed by the local biker gang to his family.

Nikau considers going to the US to meet up with Bella in this week’s episodes of Channel 5 as it appears that the bikies have been defeated.

Nikau is ultimately talked out of it by Dean Thompson, who emphasizes that Bella is content in New York and doesn’t require any additional upheaval in her life.

In upcoming UK episodes, new cast member Sofia Nolan will make her debut as Heather Fraser, a tutoring client of Roo Stewart.

Heather introduces herself to Nikau and invites him to join her at Lyrik’s most recent performance as she settles into Summer Bay.

Nikau agrees to go along and instantly bonds with Heather, liking her straightforward demeanor.

To Nikau’s uncle Tane’s astonishment the following morning, the two decide to spend the night together before returning to Nikau’s house.

Tane remarks that it’s uncharacteristic of Nikau to invite strangers into his home and worries that his nephew might be growing distant from Bella too rapidly.

Tane receives contemptuous advice from Nikau to stay out of it.

Later, when Nikau starts to act nervous around Heather, she realizes that he is thinking about his ex-girlfriend.

Heather clarifies the situation by saying that she is content to have a no-obligations relationship and is not searching for something serious. Will Nikau be able to use this?

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