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Home and Away Justin death fears as James Stewart opens up on horrific wedding car crash

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SPOILERS FOR NEXT WEEK: Justin Morgan actor James Stewart has dished the dirt of the latest Home and Away drama as a huge crash threatens lives of multiple characters

James Stewart, the star of Home and Away, has spoken out about the imminent car catastrophe that will put the lives of several characters in peril.

The Australian soap opera’s Justin Morgan is alleged to have installed broken brakes on the pickup used for Felicity and Tane’s wedding, and the actor has previewed what viewers might expect from that storyline.

Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis) is being driven to the wedding by Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo), but she has trouble stopping the automobile because of the bikies’ covert sabotage.

Eden believes she has no choice but to swerve into oncoming traffic to avert an accident as they dangerously approach a van that is moving slowly.

When Eden and Felicity hit Justin and Leah Patterson-(Ada Baker’s Micodemou) car, the results are terrible.

While Justin and Leah’s car flies off the road and into a fence, Eden and Felicity are sent flying into a gas station before crashing into a fuel terminal.

Justin said of the collision: “I was really happy that we were shooting a vehicle accident scenario.

“The excitement is just the practicalities of having 60 people on set from 4.30 in the morning till 6.30 at night.

“The two cars race at each other, lights flash, and all kinds of things happen, and then they call cut,” the witness said.

Despite the thrill on set, James admits that he sometimes wonders if a huge stunt he’s in would spell the end of his character.

He said: “You always have this little thing in your head, will I die? But you’ve got to leave that question to God I suppose and just go with the idea and do your best. I love doing it so I’m lucky.”

Following the crash, an unconscious Eden is freed from the vehicle by paramedics and Leah, who is impaled by a fence post nearby, is also rushed off for emergency surgery.

Justin is in turmoil as Leah remains in emergency surgery.

Nevertheless, things only get worse when Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), who is shaken by Felicity and Eden’s injuries, accuses Justin of causing the mishap.

Cash contends that when working on the car at the shop, Justin ought should have discovered the malfunctioning brakes.

On the aftermath of the collision, James remarked: “Justin is a highly methodical mechanic and enjoys doing things well.

“Justin first expresses scepticism, then he gradually begins to believe it might be true. Therefore, in addition to his pain over Leah, he also feels guilt.

“It’s a colorful way for the Home and Away writers to set up the upcoming drama.

Justin does not want to have his name tarnished and wants to clear his name.

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