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Home and Away newcomer Heather’s life – Hollywood fame, filming struggles and glam snaps

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Home and Away’s newest star Heather is set to stir things up in Summer Bay, but if you want to know more about the actress behind the character then look no further

Sofia Nolan, a fresh addition to the cast of Home and Away, has moved into Summer Bay.

The character of Heather, played by Sofia, seems determined to cause trouble for Marilyn, a favorite of the audience.

Aside from the Australian serial opera, Heather has a successful acting career. She has starred in a Hollywood blockbuster as well as a number of prestigious Australian television programs and theatrical performances.

You can learn more about the new Summer Bay resident by reading on to learn about her life, career, and how she got the part in one of Australia’s most well-known soap operas.

Acting Career

Sofia is an Australian actress who hails from Newcastle in the state of New South Wales.

Her most memorable performances were in Drop Dead Weird, Kiki and Kitty, Preppers, RFDS, and, of course, Home and Away. The actress has also appeared on films and in television in Australia and Ireland.

She also appeared as a “nasty girl” in the Hollywood epic Godzilla vs. Kong.

Sofia co-starred in the action film with notable performers like Millie Bobby Brown, Alexander Skarsgard, Rebecca Hall, Kaylee Hottle, and director Adam Wingard in 2021.

Landing The Part

Sofia discussed her experience getting the major soap opera part with Tracy Mac on Newcastle in the Morning.

Nolan spoke candidly about her experience on set, admitting that she didn’t know much about the serial opera beforehand but describing it as a “wish list” casting for any Australian actor.

“So I got the audition through my agency […] and I honestly didn’t really know much about the character, I didn’t know much about her plot […],” Sofia remarked. I merely wished for success. We received a “yes” two weeks later, surprise!

When asked if there would be a “recurring role,” Nolan acknowledged that she has already “finished her filming for now,” but teased fans by evasively responding with “who knows.” She could “neither confirm nor deny” this.

The actress continued by stating that although the shoot was supposed to last three months, it actually took the crew “nearly four” due to “so many Covid disruptions” that caused the schedule to be changed.

When asked if she intended to go to Hollywood, Sofia acknowledged that she was “still feeling like a fish out of water” and said she “doesn’t know about Hollywood just yet.”

Blonde Beauty

The Australian actress frequently uploads photos to her Instagram accounts to update her followers on her life.

Since the blonde beauty is such a stunning beauty, Nolan cannot be held responsible for posting photographs of herself online.

Anyone who has seen her perform or appear on TV has undoubtedly been in awe of her beauty, and one such image perfectly captures her.

As she stood in the center of a large field surrounded by flowers and trees, Sofia appeared to be in full ecstasy.

She has the girl-next-door charm, and her sweet smile could brighten any space.

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