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Home and Away newcomer Marty star’s life – past TV fame, secret career and family life

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Home and Away fans will witness Marty star Ben Wood get in a spot of bother as he’s targeted by police to spill on plans for a money laundering operation – but what is life like for him off-screen?

Ben Wood, 43, a star of Home and Away, has struggled with his on-screen character Marty, but in real life, he is the complete opposite.

The motorcycle gang in Summer Bay, led by Marty, is out for the Parata family’s blood since Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) stole a large quantity of money from them during an armed robbery ten years prior.

But after Ari’s passing, Marty and Tex (Lucas Linehan) concentrate on Tane (Ethan Browne).

The group warned him that he would have to pay interest on the money owing to them, but instead they chose to exploit Tane’s gym as a means of money laundering, and Tane is now working to expose their shady business practices.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and the cops barged into the compound as Tane tried to expose them in a stake-out, chasing after Marty on foot.

The two got into a shootout, and when Marty shot Cash, Cash shot Marty back, killing Marty in the process.

The Daily Star investigates Ben Wood’s life as actor Marty meets a horrible end.

TV Fame

Ben Wood’s amazing career has grown over the years, and he has acting credits dating back to 2004 on the short film Hold It!

His first recurring role was on the television show All Saints from 2006 to 2009. From 2016 to 2017, he also appeared in the show Doctor Doctor.

His most recent TV appearance, despite working in numerous short films and TV programs, was Marty on Home and Away.

The actor is well-versed in the television industry and has a long list of acting credentials. His career is also steadily growing.

Second Career

Ben, who is well-known for his work on television, is also a sports event manager at Great Big Events, which is a “strategic and creative agency partner.”

The events company is described as creating “meaningful relationships via Sport Presentation and Fan Engagement” on the website.

At the Australian Event Awards, the company earned the title of Event Management Company of the Year, which is an impressive victory.

Additionally, he serves as the Wallabies’ sports announcer and MC in Sydney, Australia.

In addition to his acting profession, Ben also works as a voice actor.

Family life

Ben rarely posts images or remarks about his loved ones, keeping his family life very private.

However, he has acknowledged that he is a father of three, and the actor can be seen posing with his three kids in a mirror photo in his social media profile picture.

He posted a picture of himself with his children and encouraged his supporters to “hold your infants or loved ones tight” and to “give love and take love when it’s provided.”

Ben has two short films listed on his IMDB that will be published soon after production in 2022 when he closes up his time on Home and Away.

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