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Home and Away Promo -A blockbuster week is coming

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A series of Home and Away promos is currently teasing a ‘Blockbuster Week’ for the show, with drama in store for many of our favourite characters.

As Home and Away reaches its 8000th episode, a dramatic run of episodes will see Justin (James Stewart) take the law into his own hands, Xander (Luke Van Os) put in danger after he and a friend are attacked, and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane (Ethan Browne) try to get married again.

Starting on a positive note, the promo teases what will hopefully be the happiest day of Tane and Felicity’s lives… take two.

When Felicity and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) were involved in a car crash on the way to the wedding as a result of the Death Adders bikie gang cutting the brake lines of the ute Eden was driving—the intended target was actually Felicity’s brother Cash—their first attempt at getting married ended in disaster (Nicholas Cartwright).

Eden eventually fell into a coma, and in the months that followed, Felicity held herself responsible, even though she knew Eden had only been operating the truck that day because she had changed her mind about getting married to Tane.

Felicity ended her relationship with Tane and left the home they shared, and it required her to return to her childhood home before she could face her demons and reconcile with her fiance. It appears that their second try at a wedding is about to take place. She re-proposed to Tane on the beach in last Monday’s show.

Felicity has already stated that she doesn’t want to return to their original location since she doesn’t want to be reminded of that traumatic day. It appears from the images in the new teaser that this time around will be considerably more relaxed.

While Flick is wearing a wedding gown as Cash leads his sister down a tree-lined aisle, Cash is dressed more casually and is wearing a plaid shirt.

To the happiest day of my life,” Felicity is heard saying.

The reception takes place at Salt, as we see a shot of Felicity still in her white wedding dress, and Tane in a white shirt, as Flick jumps up and down with joy.

Fans of the show who have followed the show’s filming in Sydney’s Palm Beach have lately observed actors Ethan Browne and Jacqui Purvis wearing wedding rings while filming sequences, indicating that this wedding will go off without a hitch and that Tane and Felicity will soon be wed.

Ava’s (Annabel Wolfe) disappearance plotline is featured in the latest batch of promos, some of which are presently showing on Seven in Australia.

Ava escaped from Theo (Matt Evans), who had made it obvious to her that they would never be a thing, at the conclusion of the previous week and boarded a blue campervan with an unknown person.

We see Justin’s rage at his daughter’s kidnapping in another plot trailer, and the “Blockbuster Week” trailers give us a better idea of what to expect as he takes the law into his own hands.

We hear him tell Rose: “My daughter’s missing and I need you to find her.”

Back at the Morgan house, Justin tells someone: “If this man has done something to her, he’s a dead man.”

We then see Justin looking enraged as he comes across the man he believes has done something to his daughter, as the man gets changed next to his distinctive campervan.

Justin grabs the man, before flinging him across the front of a nearby car.


It looks like Justin may have to face the consequences of his actions, as Cash pulls up alongside Justin’s ute and rushes towards the fighting pair.

More importantly, will Ava be okay?

One version of the promo also shows Mackenzie in floods of tears – has she heard news from Gabe?

In recent episodes, Mac’s former fiancé Gabe (Akos Armont) learned that his cancer had come back. Prior to reentering Mackenzie’s life earlier this year, he battled non-Hodgkin lymphoma; however, despite his belief that the disease had been put into remission, recent testing revealed that it had returned.

As Mackenzie assured him that she would support him throughout the process, he ultimately went to his first chemotherapy appointment after originally choosing not to fight it.

That same evening, he noticed Mackenzie straining to control her emotions and decided he couldn’t put her through it. He then left her again with only a message explaining his actions.

The teaser also depicts Xander and Jamie, two paramedics, in peril after being ambushed by a group of men carrying metal poles and bats.

In the episodes from last week, Xander and Jamie were having a conversation with Mali (Kyle Shilling) at the Coffee Cart when they noticed a suspicious-looking man they later identified as Conor (Tom Dawson) loitering about close to the back of their ambulance.

As Jamie shouted, he ran off, and Xander explained to Mali that it was a regular occurrence in their job – the man was likely after the drugs inside the vehicle.

While Conor was caught in the act this time, it seems he’s not ready to give up.

The promo shows that Xander and his colleague get ambushed by a group of at least three men, whose baseball bats and metal poles suggest that they’re not messing about.

“Ok guys, look, we don’t want any trouble,” Xander tells them – but will words be enough to get him and Jamie out of this sticky situation?

Although the promo promises to be for a single week, it’s not obvious if this is the case because it appears to feature clips from the episodes that would air over the following two weeks.

In Australia, the scenes starring Justin, Ava, and the stranger who was surfing are anticipated to air on Monday and Tuesday of this week, however Felicity and Tane’s second attempt at a wedding day is not anticipated to air until the following week.

Also absent from this week’s sneak synopses is Xander, indicating that his ambush will air the following week.

Next Monday 27th March will see a big milestone for Home and Away as its 8000th episode airs in Australia.

UK viewers will see the drama from mid-May.

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