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Home and Away spoiler: Mac’s life hangs in the balance again

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Xander and Levi spring into action.

Mackenzie is tended to by paramedics at home. She is surprised to learn that she’s completely fine – what she thought was another heart attack must have just been anxiety. Given her recent health history, the paramedics suggest she return to hospital, but Mac is certain she’s merely overreacted and tucks herself into bed instead.

When Xander and Mali find Mac later however, she’s unconscious. Xander immediately begins chest compressions.

Later, Levi is beginning to say his goodbyes to Summer Bay when Mackenzie is wheeled in by paramedics, with Xander in hot pursuit. Levi is distressed to see his patient back in danger and wastes no time laying blame on Xander after he helped encourage her to return home.

With her life on the line, Tane, Xander and Mali gather at the hospital while Levi prepares to operate. Will Mackenzie pull through?

Meanwhile, Bree continues to process her guilt over Jacob’s death. She confides in Xander – she’s done a lot of work in therapy, but she can’t get past the fact that Jacob would still be here if it wasn’t for her. Xander questions why Bree is finding it so difficult. She instinctively knows – she needs to keep doing the work.

Elsewhere, Justin and Kirby are working on writing the perfect song for his now-postponed wedding, and Justin’s enthusiasm is unmatched – Kirby can barely convince him to take a coffee break.

After Justin tells her that he doesn’t think she realises the importance of the song to him, she twigs – Justin is writing through his pain. Justin opens up to Kirby – he feels useless when it comes to Leah.

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