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Home and Away spoiler: Mali blocks Rose’s investigation

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Baby Maia’s mother has come forward at last. Harper organises a meeting with her and Rose tomorrow. However, Maia’s mother is completely unaware of the fact that the baby has gone missing.

Guilty and terrified, Dana rushes to the police station and files a report, but the damage is already done. Infuriated and beyond stressed out, Rose blames Dana for letting Tane take the baby away.

With no time to lose, Rose rushes to Tane’s house, at best hoping to catch him there or at least find clues as to where he could have gone. Mackenzie and Mali are both at home and are stunned by what they’re hearing.

Mac tells Rose that she’s free to search Tane’s room, but shockingly, Mali stops her. Standing in the doorway to protect his friend, he tells her that Tane has done nothing wrong, and that she needs a search warrant if she’s going in there. Rose is speechless – she can’t believe her own boyfriend is standing in the way of justice.

Back at the police station, Maia’s mother finally shows up. Rose and Harper listen to her tell her story. Her name is Sonia, and she heard what Rose said at the media event about needing to know where you belonged. She also tells them that Maia’s name is actually Poppy, and she’s excited to see her daughter again.

Rose thinks quickly and comes up with a plan to stall for time – they need to go through routine ID checks, DNA tests and so on before any reunion can happen. The plan works a treat when Sonia readily agrees she’ll do anything to see her baby again. But how long can they keep this up for?

Meanwhile, when Levi and Mackenzie reconnect, Mac apologises for introducing herself to Imogen. She explains that she just wanted to get to know the woman Levi went home to, and her insecurities got the best of her. Levi reassures her there’s no competition.

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