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Home and Away Spoilers – Cash crumbles as Nikau heads for New York

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Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Felicity has grave concerns for Cash as his mental health continues to dive, whilst Nikau announces he’s going to New York…


Since he was awakened from his induced coma following emergency surgery (twice! ), Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) hasn’t been in a good place due to bullet wounds received while performing his job duties.

After visiting his now-ex-girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost), Cash had other things on his mind as he took part in the undercover raid on the Death Adders motorcycle club. As a result, he neglected to put on his bulletproof vest. Before firing his own fatal rounds, Cash was shot twice while pursuing the bikie leader Marty (Ben Wood).

For a while, Cash’s condition remained precarious, but new doctor Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) managed to save him.

When Cash regained consciousness, his sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) confirmed that he had killed Marty, which is when Cash started to get very upset. He was angry to learn that his coworker Rose (Kirsty Marillier) was out of town when he desperately wanted to speak to her to find out what had transpired.

Bree asked Flick to go because Cash kept having breakdowns, and Cash acknowledged that he wasn’t sure how he could live with himself after taking a man’s life.

When Rose first arrives in Summer Bay, she first refuses to meet Cash because of her own remorse over what transpired. She ultimately goes to the hospital with Xander (Luke Van Os), but she can’t give Cash the information he wants because she wasn’t there when it happened.

As Cash continues to press Rose for details, Rose storms out in tears as Cash begins to rip off the medical equipment.

Next week, when the action picks back up, Bree threatens to hold Cash back from leaving the hospital, but he only manages to make it three steps before almost falling to the ground.

When Bree worries about Cash’s mental health, he responds that he will be required to attend counselling through his job, but Bree doesn’t believe it can wait. Cash initially dismisses Bree’s question about if his family has a history of depression as an act of breakdown; nonetheless, this response sticks in his head when he subsequently presses Flick for a conversation.

On her return, Cash asks Flick what it felt like to have a breakdown—whilst he was there for her when she had her own mental issues, he didn’t fully understand it—can she help him?

When Flick goes to leave, she begs Bree to not take her eyes off Cash for a moment, explaining that their father had committed suicide during a bout of depression.

Flick cries out to Rose for assistance, thinking that someone at the police station must know more. Rose realises that she has no choice but to allow Cash access to the case file, even if doing so would go against protocol, despite her original statement that she can’t endanger an ongoing investigation.
Flick and Rose are relieved to learn from the file that Marty fired the first shot; this establishes that Cash was compelled to act in self-defense and is cleared of all wrongdoing. But Cash exhibits no emotion, to to their dismay.

Talking with Xander, Rose admits that she now needs to stop punishing herself, she’s done all she can to help Cash.

When Flick returns home she breaks down in Tane’s arms—it’s like her father all over again, she can feel Cash slowly slipping away from her.

Will Cash get the help he desperately needs before it’s too late?

The events at the bikie HQ continue to plague the Parata family in other parts of Summer Bay, and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is desperate to make amends with his ex-girlfriend Bella (Courtney Miller)

When Nik followed Tane (Ethan Browne) to the warehouse without realising he was there as part of a police investigation, he unintentionally became embroiled in the raid. He was thus detained and released on bail pending a court appearance.

The Parata name has been dragged through the mud in Summer Bay despite the fact that the charges against Tane and Nik are merely for show so the bikies won’t discover that Tane was collaborating with the police.

Tane threw in the towel and acknowledged that he was solely to blame when Nik’s dream job as a lifeguard was threatened and the surf club committee began an investigation. Nik’s position was secure, but Tane is now the subject of more investigation.

The committee is reviewing the lease for the gym, and Tane (Shane Withington) will lose it if he is found guilty of anything, John (Shane Withington) tells Tane next week.

Nik’s career is secure, but he is still unhappy about leaving Bella. Nik realised they could go after Bella to get at him as the bikies’ threats to the family grew more serious.

On learning that Bella was soon to come home from New York, Nik was forced to be cruel to be kind, as he told her that he didn’t want her returning to Summer Bay.

Bella was distraught and decided to stay in New York not knowing what was truly happening. Nik soon came under siege from Dean (Patrick O’Connor).

After the immediate threat to his family is no longer there, Nik decides that enough is enough and plans to travel to New York to confront Bella about everything.

Theo (Matt Evans) is taken aback when Nik casually approaches him with a rucksack and requests a ride to Yabbie Creek so that he can board the bus to the airport.

When Dean overhears the two arguing, he agrees that it is not a good idea and Theo rejects, telling Nik that he hasn’t given it any thought.

Nik informs Dean that it is not unexpected that Bella is not returning his calls and that Dean is unable to comprehend his need to see Bella. At this time, Dean demonstrates his extensive knowledge by saying Tane told him about the bikers.

Dean goes on to show Nik Bella’s posts on social media. In recent weeks she’s been killing it in New York, and Nik admits that she looks happy. Whilst Dean sympathises with Nikau’s plight, he also wants what is best for Bella.

The bikies’ problems are far from done even though they are currently in custody; they still have to make it to their court appearance. Nik is questioned by Dean on whether he really wants to take Bella away from the life she is living so that she will end up in the next Parata family catastrophe.

As Nik thinks back to his happiest times with Bella, will he be able to let her go?

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