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Home and Away spoilers: Eden kidnap horror, Remi death fears and new romance teased

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Eden wakes up to a nightmare as she’s been held hostage by the two men who knocked Remi, now in critical condition, off his bike. Elsewhere sparks fly between Mackenzie and Levi

The next week on Home and Away, Eden and Remi will encounter a potentially fatal circumstance.

Cash contacts Remi in a desperate attempt to find Eden, but the conversation ends up in voicemail. When the Search & Rescue crew arrives, Cash is questioned about his unfortunate camping trip by team leader Sabrina.

He acknowledges they had a fight the previous evening, but they had worked things out. As Eden watches her kidnappers quarrel, she is imprisoned by cable ties. She is startled to hear Wes giving his brother the order, “First, we deal with this one, then we get rid of the dead guy.”

He unties her, but draws the line at taking Remi to a hospital. Mickey’s conscience kicks in when Wes returns and he stands up to his brother.

They eventually agree to let Remi go and Eden slips her bracelet in his jacket pocket. Mickey drops Remi by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere and calls for an ambulance.

He’s rushed to hospital as a stunned Bree races to save her partner’s life. Later, Cash finds Eden’s bracelet among Remi’s things.

Cash and Rose head out to where Remi was found, but there’s no sign of Eden. Still being held captive, Eden is horrified to learn that they left Remi by the side of the road.

Eden pleads with Mickey for her life and a scuffle between the brothers gives her the chance to get free. Just as she issues a swift kick to her captor, a police car emerges across the plain, and Rose and Cash apprehend Wes and Mickey.

Eden reunites with Cash as she collapses in his arms. Elsewhere Bree and Levi clash on Remi’s surgery. Levi insists they perform a thoracotomy now while Bree claims it’s too dangerous.

Bree is told to stand down, but later rages at Levi when Remi remains unconscious. When Eden rushes to Remi’s bedside at the hospital, she tells Levi they’ll never speak again if he doesn’t make it through.

After returning home, Eden faints on her way to the bathroom but refuses to go to hospital. Rose later questions Eden over her ordeal and she recounts Mickey’s efforts to save Remi’s life.

When Rose lets slip about Eden’s kidnapping, Levi races to his sister’s side. Later she summons Levi for peace talks. At the hospital, Bree is horrified to learn that Remi is being moved from Intensive care and is furious when she finds out Levi gave the order.

Across the Bay, Xander is trying to organise ‘Salt by the Sea’, the fundraiser for SCAD research in Mackenzie’s honour. Mackenzie is adamant she won’t leave hospital to attend the fundraiser however, worried she could suffer another heart attack.

After much persuading, Levi and Mackenzie attend the event together. Mackenzie is touched by Levi’s speech and starts to see him in a new light. After he walks her back to the hospital, the closeness between them is apparent and Mackenzie kisses him.

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