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Home and Away Spoilers – Kirby parts ways with Lyrik

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Kirby shocks her Lyrik bandmates as she leaves the band for a solo career.

Only a few days have passed since the release of Lyrik’s debut album, but due to internal strife, keyboardist and songwriter Kirby (Angelina Thomson) has been presented with an alluring proposition.

Since Kirby and lead vocalist Theo (Matt Evans) split up two months ago, tensions have been high. This has made it difficult for the band to come together to record the album.

Kirby intervened and saved the day during the launch when Theo became silent during a Q&A.

Despite his initial gratitude, Theo was still smarting from the fact that Justin had nominated Kirby for a major radio interview without him when he subsequently found out that a meme of his wobble was making the rounds online. Theo abruptly had second thoughts and charged Kirby with purposefully undercutting him during the Q&A to take the credit for herself.

Kirby was praised by Xander (Luke Van Os) and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) for her success in the interview and for arriving in Salt, but she felt unappreciated by the band members’ lack of appreciation.

Kirby got a call at that very moment from record producer Forrest Duke (Elijah Williams), asking to meet, and it could have changed her life forever.

Giving Mac the specifics of the conversation, Kirby revealed that Forrest was a well-known representative who exclusively works with solo performers. A few weeks prior, she would have declined, but given the recent state of the band, she thought there was no damage in accepting to a meeting and requested Mac to set up a table that would be hidden in the balcony’s corner.

Forrest’s presentation offered Kirby a lot to ponder, highlighting the well-known musicians in his roster and emphasizing how solo artists may concentrate on what matters most without the backroom politics and squabbling that accompany being in a band. After taking his card, Kirby ran into him again in the city.

As the PR campaign went on, a prospective producer soon questioned James Stewart’s character, Kirby’s band manager Justin, about the reason behind Kirby’s meeting with Forrest Duke. Justin and Remi (Adam Rowland) agreed that it was a reasonable question, and they both told Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) that Forrest exclusively represents solo artists.

When Kirby sees Theo outdoors next week, he apologizes for his words against her and tells her that they have an appointment with the band at Salt. Is it too little, too late? Theo informs her that she aced the interview and that they’re fortunate to have her.

Remi approaches Kirby upstairs and informs her that she has been having meetings with Forrest. Though unappreciative of the ambush, Kirby does not refute it; instead, she lists all the other things she has done recently for which she has received little gratitude, such as participating in band interviews when no one else wanted to and working long hours at the diner to pay the rent.

Instead of answering a flurry of inquiries, Kirby departs. Eden trails behind and remarks that it’s unusual for her to go behind their backs, but Kirby reassures her that Forrest gave her a sense of worth. She feels cheated that Eden isn’t even mildly thrilled about her, as she has been presented with an enormous chance.

The following morning, Kirby tells Justin that Forrest has extended an offer for a three-album deal, and Justin apologizes and congratulates her. Even though he doesn’t want to see her go, Justin acknowledges that it would be difficult to turn down this incredible chance.

Later, believing they are at the start of something significant, Remi suggests to Kirby that she give them a full year to demonstrate to her that Lyrik is worth waiting for. Kirby, however, asserts that they have always taken chances and that regret is the one thing she cannot bear.

Remi, Justin, and Theo are worried as Forrest keeps luring Kirby with artwork mockups and a sizable hamper. They’ve run out of ways to persuade Kirby to stay, so they have to accept the likelihood that she will leave now.

Kirby is still struggling with the choice, though, and she sobs as she tells Mac that she feels like she would be betraying her friends.

Kirby is prepared for a serve when Theo later runs into her on the beach, but he chooses to strike up a conversation instead. Setting aside their past animosity, Theo advises her to pursue her dream of going solo if she is truly interested in doing so. Even though Lyrik is about to experience great things, it won’t matter if she isn’t content.

Kirby is emotional as she goes to speak to Justin, and whilst she thanks him for everything he’s done for her, he knows what’s coming next.

Remi is getting ready for an old-school movie night with pizza and tequila when Kirby gets home, thinking it will serve as a reminder of how far they’ve all gone from their little beginnings.

However, it’s too late; Kirby is crying as she says she must follow her own instincts and go it alone. Remi is saddened, but he comprehends.

Meanwhile, Eden knows that Remi and Kirby are planning a chat, but tells Bree (Juliet Godwin) that she’s too nervous to get in touch and find out the result.

How will she react when she finds out one of her besties is leaving Lyrik?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Alf (Ray Meagher) is thankful to Bree after she pulled some strings to swiftly organise some tests at the hospital following his hearing issues.

It had taken much persuasion, and many of flamin’ Alf’s blowoffs towards the likes of John (Shane Withington), Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Justin, before he faced up to the fact that he needed to seek help.

After he rushed out to the city in a huff, Marilyn has not seen him since. She apologizes if she offended him. While he wasn’t ready to acknowledge it at the moment, Alf assures her that she has his best interests at heart and that he is relieved that things are finally being resolved. We wonder if he will say the same thing to John.

Handily, Alf is able to continue bypassing the usual hospital systems and just ask Head of Emergency Bree for updates, who promises to chase up the results of his blood tests.

When Bree later tells him that he’s been given the all clear from any underlying issues, she tells him that there just so happens to be an appointment available with the hearing specialist that afternoon in order to sort out some hearing aids.

Alf is now reluctant to go though, making out that he’s far too busy to be faffing about with more tests and fittings.

It’s once again left down to Marilyn and Bree to try and convince Alf to help himself and not let pride get in the way… will they be successful?

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