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Home and Away spoilers: Leah proposes to her stricken partner

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‘Marry me Justin.’

Leah makes the ultimate confession this week in Home and Away because she can’t with the thought of losing the love of her life. But do her remarks come too late?
After becoming lost and kidnapped, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Justin (James Stewart) are fighting for their lives.

Lethal cult Vita Nova exacted revenge by luring the couple to a secret location under the guise that they’d won a romantic holiday. Instead, a gang of thugs locked them in an abandoned warehouse with no food or water. After three long days and no help in sight, things are looking bleak.

When Justin scaled the rafters to try to find a way out, the scaffolding collapsed, pinning him underneath. With significant injuries, Justin is in a bad way.

Realising no-one is coming to rescue them, Leah utters a heartfelt proposal.

“Will you marry me?” she asks, tears streaming down her face.

Ada, 46, tells TV WEEK, “She just can’t imagine her life without Justin, with everything she’s seen flash before her eyes.” “She can’t live without him, so she asks him to marry her.”

Tragic events are imminent as Leah, who is weak and hardly able to move, uses all of her bravery and strength to get them to safety while Justin is hurt and unresponsive. pause, Justin!

Missed what happened to Justin and Leah last week in Home and Away? Continue reading for a refresher.

Justin and Leah are desperate, having been kidnapped and left foodless and without water in an abandoned warehouse. There is a limited amount of time, and nobody knows where they are.
So what has the Summer Bay couple done to warrant a death threat?

Ada Nicodemou as Leah and James Stewart as Justin are looking forward to their romantic holiday during a stressful week in Home and Away. They’ve hardly spent any time alone together in a while, so they want to enjoy the downtime.

They can’t believe their luck when Justin gets a call saying he won a free trip! However, nothing is as it seems.

“There’s a breakdown on the way to their holiday, and Justin and Leah get intercepted and kidnapped,” 46-year-old Ada says TV WEEK.

Three days later, we discover them in an abandoned warehouse. They don’t know where they are and haven’t eaten or drunk any water.”

The couple is on their own since no one can find them. Although Justin looks to have given up on finding a way out of the abandoned warehouse, he keeps trying.

In what may be their last moments, they hold each other, dehydrated and unable to even stand.

Justin makes the desperate decision to scale the rafters and climb a neighboring ladder in an attempt to get away. However, the experience has sapped his strength and stamina, and the flimsy scrap metal collapses on top of him.

Leah hurries to clear the debris from him, but he is hardly breathing and unable to move due to the impact.

Ada’s statement, “Justin lands on his back and is badly injured,” “She realizes he might not live long and that time is running out.”

Beside him, Leah sobs, afraid she might lose the love of her life. As Justin drifts in and out of consciousness, fans might have to prepare for an emotional farewell.

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