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Home and Away Spoilers – Marilyn arrested for breaking and entering

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Next week, when Marilyn (Emily Symons) is detained, her quest for information regarding Heather (Sofia Nolan) takes an unexpected turn.

Marilyn told Leah last week that she thought the enigmatic newcomer who has been harassing her was actually her long-lost daughter, who she had given birth to in 1995 after having a sexual relationship with a previous colleague, Tim Frazer. Tim and his wife had persuaded Marilyn to give them the kid after the delivery.

Marilyn does not yet have concrete evidence, other than the fact that the tale Heather told Roo (Georgie Parker) about having given up a baby was the same as Marilyn’s own. Viewers had already learned that Heather’s suspicions were accurate after seeing her look at her birth certificate the previous week.

The week came to a close when Jett (Will McDonald), Marilyn and John’s (Shane Withington) adoptive son, contacted them to report having received an odd social media post from Marilyn.

When John approached Marilyn with the message, which said that Jett would always be a disappointment to her and that an adopted child could never replace a biological one, Marilyn was frightened.

Although Roo claims that Marilyn has been acting in a number of ways lately that appear out of character, John is quick to realize that Marilyn would never send their kid such a nasty message.

When Marilyn thinks that Heather might be responsible, Roo again dismisses the notion and attributes it to Marilyn’s alleged vendetta against her.

Later, when Roo reads a critical online evaluation of her tutoring—written by Marilyn, no less—she is ready to blame her. Marilyn and Irene (Lynne McGranger) go to the police station determined to show Irene’s innocence, but when they arrive, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is uninterested and urges them to submit it to the cybercrime squad.

Marilyn puts on her best “I’m up to no good” costume, heads over to Heather’s trailer, and unlocks the door with the key, determined to find out what’s going on.

Heather notices Marilyn entering the van as she exits the restroom, which oddly proves that her cunning change of clothes wasn’t as covert as she had expected.

Heather chooses to cause issues for Marilyn by calling the police and reporting that someone is breaking into her van rather than confronting her.

Marilyn is interrupted while she explores the van by Cash knocking on the door and telling her to go outside. When the intruder’s name is revealed, Heather pretends to be shocked, but Roo is in disbelief.

When asked why she did what she did, Marilyn can only admit that she stole the house’s key and cite “her reasons.”

Cash is compelled to make an arrest for breaking and entering after becoming frustrated with Marilyn’s inability to provide any further information.

(We can’t help but reflect on how things have changed in Summer Bay since Pippa and many other housemates used to feel free to just hop into the vans to change the sheets and towels.)

Knowing Marilyn’s precarious predicament when she arrives at the station, Heather “graciously” decides she doesn’t want Marilyn charged with a crime.

Marilyn clearly had what she was seeking for when she was detained when she later returns to Heather’s van.

When telling Heather that she is her daughter, Marilyn hands up the birth certificate.

Why are you acting in this way? Marilyn begs…

We can stop pretending now, Heather says icily.

What does Marilyn want from Heather?

Theo (Matt Evans) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) are juggling the band’s administrative tasks elsewhere in Summer Bay. They spent hours creating a chart listing all of their appointments, so when Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) pulls it apart, they become irritated and give it to her to work on.

Given the difficult predicament the three of them are in, Justin (James Stewart) offers to buy them a drink. Eden acknowledges that she is also unable to make sense of it.

Kirby recommends to Theo and Eden that they might want to hire a band management as they discuss their experiences in Salt.

They both believe it to be a wise decision, as does Justin… who all of a sudden resolves to buy dinner for everyone.

Although Justin is obviously eager for them to ask him, he finally gives in and applies for the position as time passes and they don’t notice the signs.

The band decides to give it some thought, and that evening Justin stops by the house to present his suggestion. He also has a pitch sheet to distribute.

Theo is first hesitant despite Kirby’s enthusiasm because he lives with Justin and already works for him at the garage; does he really want Justin continuously watching over the band as well?

Theo is eventually convinced, and Justin is excited to start working, but on his very first phone contact to a venue, he makes a terrible attempt to barter over the band’s cost.

Leah (Ada Nicodemou), who steps in to assist, demonstrates to Justin how abrasive he must be on the phone, and he is shocked when she calls the venue and successfully negotiates a favorable deal for the band.

Then, Leah advises Justin to haggle over the band’s compensation from their regular performance at Salt. Surely the price should reflect the fact that they are more in demand now?

With newly gained assurance, Justin approaches Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and explains that Lyrik and Salt have no contract. As a result, the band will leave unless she agrees to a 20% increase in their cost.

Justin makes sure to hold his stance, but when Mac eventually calls his bluff, Justin loses his footing.

When Justin informs them that they have lost their lone regular gig, how will Lyrik respond?

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