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Home and Away Spoilers – Marilyn confesses her most shameful secret

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On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Marilyn confesses her most shameful secret as Heather continues to torment her.

fresh personality At her time in Summer Bay, Heather has undoubtedly left an impression. Her claim that she required assistance to get into law school was true when she first showed up as one of Roo’s private tuition pupils, but it soon became evident that there was more to her story.

She left a favourable impression on Nikau (Kawakwa Fox-Reo), and the two started having fun without any obligations—exactly what Nik needed after his most recent breakup.

She left less of an impression on Marilyn, though, who she appeared to be really interested in. Maz has become increasingly uneasy since Heather sneakily snapped a picture of her working behind the counter at the diner and has been giving her a steady barrage of uncomfortable glances.

She recently asked Marilyn whether they had met previously and said, “You’re just so familiar, I can’t quite put my finger on it,” frightening Marilyn.

As she hired a van at the campground, Heather established herself in Summer Bay, but she was compelled to ask Roo to fill in for her for the first few days because she had allegedly used up all of her money on tuition.

The plot advanced significantly in today’s Australian show as it became increasingly obvious that Heather is at Summer Bay for a different reason than she initially claimed.

First of all, Nikau was perplexed as to why Heather hadn’t followed through on applying for a position at Salt; after all, she had claimed to need the money.

She and Roo then had another study session at the diner, during which it became apparent that she hadn’t been paying attention to her work. She explained that she had simply been too preoccupied trying to move and find a job, and that she had been trying not to let it get to her. It was evident to viewers that she wasn’t really interested in her education or in working in Summer Bay despite the impending Salt offer.

She kept giving Marilyn odd looks, and when Maz made a sarcastic remark about her lack of concentration, it was obvious that there was tension between the two of them.

Heather initially revealed to Roo that she had an affair with a married guy while travelling in the outback and became pregnant. The woman was coerced into giving up the child, which the guy and his wife then adopted and raised as their own.

Later, when Roo told Maz the tale in an effort to get Marilyn to stop picking on Heather, it was obvious from Marilyn’s astonished expression that the tale sounded all too similar.

Could Heather’s story actually be Marilyn’s?

Later, as Maz walked to Summer Bay House, she found an envelope with her name on outside the front door.

When she opened it, she was stunned to discover a picture of a baby inside, with a hand-written note on the back: “Guess who?”

In the episodes that will air later this week, Marilyn deduces right away that the note must have involved Heather. She goes to face Heather in her van, but as she opens the door, she discovers that Heather and Nikau are having a casual time, so she had to put off the argument.

How will she discover what Heather expects from her?

“I think deep down she realises it’s extremely serious, and there is a reason why Heather is behaving that way, and it taps into something that happened in her history,” Emily Simons said in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle.

This article contains a clip from a promo that aired following Monday’s episode and depicts what happens after the shock letter.

We see Heather in her caravan, clutching a small teddy bear with an annoyed look on her face.

We also see Marilyn sit down with Roo, getting increasingly animated as she tells her friend, “I’ve said it before, I’ve said it all along, something is going on with her.”

In another shot, from a scene set to air on Wednesday, we see Heather sneaking in through the front door of Summer Bay House as Maz sleeps on the sofa.

Then, what we assume is the following morning, she sinisterly asks Marilyn, “have a nice sleep?”

Another picture shows Heather sneaking through the Summer Bay House gardens throughout the day. She is obviously looking for additional information about Maz.

Yet it’s Leah who looks set to become Maz’s confidant. As Leah asks “what could she possibly want from you?” Maz tells her, “I have something to confess.”

It seems that in Thursday’s episode, we’re set to discover one of Marilyn’s deepest, darkest secrets.

One of our hypotheses, which we discussed in a previous post, is that Marilyn may have had a second child at some point while she was away from Summer Bay.

Marilyn made her Summer Bay debut in 1989 as Lance Smart’s girlfriend (Peter Vroom). Marilyn didn’t leave Summer Bay again until she left with her fiancé Phil Bryant (Vince Martin) in 1992, despite having previously taken a three-month hiatus after rejecting Lance’s marriage proposal in 1989.

She left again in 1999 after making a return in 1995. The next time we would see her would be over two years later. Marilyn was with two primary school age children and one in a pram when Donald met her in London in 2001 after spotting her at the book launch for “A Letter to Byron,” but she soon revealed to him that she was a childminder.

When Marilyn was living in the UK in the early to mid-2000s, did she eventually have a child, who is possibly now in their early 20s?

It’s not rare for a recurring character on Home and Away to have a hidden child. In the previous 34 years, Alf (Ray Meagher) has learned about two of his children—Quinn and Owen—while also learning that his wife Ailsa (Judy Nunn) had a daughter, Shauna (Kylie Watson), in the 1970s while she was incarcerated.

Even more recently, Irene (Lynne McGranger), a pillar of Summer Bay, admitted that she had a long-lost kid, who was later identified as Mick Jennings (Kristian Schmid), whom she had been forced to give up after being abused by her uncle in her adolescence.

While we don’t believe that Heather will be sticking around as a long-term character, the newcomer is set to have a big storyline with Cash near the end of the year.

In a chat with CelebTime earlier this year, Nicholas Cartwright first revealed Sofia’s character name as Heather, whilst also confirming that “[Cash is] going to film a big storyline with her soon.”

Will the storyline be related to the ongoing mystery surrounding her and Marilyn?

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