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Home and Away Spoilers – Nikau exposes Felicity’s secret drinking

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, the extent of Felicity’s struggles are laid bare when her drinking habit is exposed, while Alf and John butt heads.

Although we use the term “fiancé,” it’s not yet obvious whether Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) will ever be able to consider getting married. Flick (Ethan Browne) threw a party last week to cheer herself and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) up, but the get-together ended on a negative note when a buzzed Flick shouted to Tane that maybe she doesn’t want to get married.

The anxious bride had already experienced a difficult time leading up to the big day, but she hasn’t been able to shake the memory of the car accident she was involved in on the way to the wedding that left her stuck in a burning ute.

Flick has started drinking as a result of her panic episodes and insomnia.

Flick was able to partially open up to Tane after her outburst, confessing that she has ongoing flashbacks of the accident, but she was unable to acknowledge that drinking has become her coping strategy.

Next week, when the storyline picks back up, Tane is anxious about everything, and his poor day is made worse when he learns that the Surf Club’s wi-fi is once again down. Tane confronts John (Shane Withington) as he enters his workplace, with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) confirming that it has been offline for some time.

Tane informs John that it is his duty as club manager to fix it because the downtime is costing him money because he can’t handle any payments or update the class schedules.

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) intervenes when he notices that uncle Tane is becoming anxious and assures him that John will investigate the situation as soon as possible.

Now that things have calmed down a bit, Dean offers Tane a cappuccino after noticing how anxious he is.

Despite the fact that they have never been close, Dean is probably in the best position to explain how Flick is feeling to Tane because of his own serious automobile accident in 2021. Dean can only advise Tane to make sure he is there for Flick when she discovers she needs him because Tane acknowledges that she is struggling mentally as a result and that he isn’t helping much.

In the meantime, Nik has assisted John in getting the wi-fi reset and the businesses can get back up and running. But with it becoming an all too common problem, Nik tells John that the club really needs to up its tech game, a lot of the equipment is outdated. John isn’t too convinced… that is until Nik points out that a club with a modern setup would reflect very well on the club manager…

John asks Roo (Georgie Parker) and club president Alf (Ray Meagher), who are having coffee at the diner, if he can add the proposal of a complete IT upgrade to the agenda for the upcoming committee meeting.

Despite the fact that John and Roo both think it’s a wonderful idea, Alf flatly rejects it, telling John that the money would be better spent on life-saving supplies.

Back at the club, Tane apologises to John for losing it with him earlier, and John tells him about Alf putting the kibosh on an upgrade. When Tane once again points out that John is the club manager, John realises that he doesn’t necessarily need Alf’s approval to put it to the committee…

Later that afternoon, Nik discovers Flick’s stash of alcohol in the airing closet at home. Tane doesn’t know the answer when the man subsequently asks if there was a lot of alcohol left over from the party.

Flick rushes over to the cupboard while Tane is in the bathroom when she gets home from the hospital that evening after getting the all-clear after additional x-rays. however, the flasks have vanished.

“Oh, are you seeking this?” With a bottle of vodka in hand, Nik questions her as he leaves his room.

Flick says that she hid them during the party because she didn’t want any of the many stray guests to get their hands on it. She claims that until now, when she felt like having a drink, she had entirely forgotten about them.

After Flick insists that she is handling things just fine, Nik becomes doubtful as he expresses his concern for her. She then asks him not to inform Tane.

But after seeking advice from John about helping someone who’s in denial, Nik feels he has no option but to tell both Cash and Tane. When Flick enters the next morning to find the three men gathered round the bottles, she knows the game is up.

Flick says there’s no issue and that she only wanted one drink last night, accusing everyone else of being overly sensitive. But as soon as Cash requests to see inside Flick’s backpack, the sound of clinking bottles can be heard.

Flick declares obstinately that if they don’t like the way she’s conducting her life, she’ll go somewhere else because she has nowhere else to hide. and quickly registers herself at the campground!

Flick is visibly distressed as she sits by herself in her vehicle and declines Tane’s calls. Will she have the fortitude to take assistance before it’s too late?

Meanwhile, Alf is furious when he learns that John has gone ahead and put forward the idea of the IT upgrade to the surf club committee—it turned out they loved the idea, and passed it immediately. After being accused of going behind Alf’s back, John assures him that he sent him an email.

Alf’s admission that he can’t receive texts on his phone because of technical difficulties only serves to support John’s position.

The following morning, Irene (Lynne McGranger) persuades John to send Alf a tray of chocolate muffins as a gesture of goodwill. She doesn’t want to get involved in more fighting after their altercation at the restaurant last night.

John makes his apology, as Alf grudgingly admits that he did indeed get John’s email after checking his computer at home… and that he was wrong to accuse him of undermining him.

Having got a rare admission of being wrong out of Alf, John then pushes his luck too far by suggesting that the IT specialists will soon get Alf up to speed, to ensure this sort of misunderstanding never happens again…

Not in a million years, Palmer” Alf blusters, before storming off without the muffins.

Oh dear!

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