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Home and Away spoilers: Ziggy sneaks off with Remi – should Dean be worried?

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They do, however, have a significant issue because Bob left in their van and they require transportation to get to their jobs. They require a new automobile because renting cars is becoming too pricey. But how can they negotiate a good deal when they only have $3000 left between them?

Remi (Adam Rowland) has a plan; he’ll go talk to Ziggy, the hot neighborhood mechanic (Sophie Dillman).

Don’t cause trouble with the neighbors, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) smiles at him when he mentions this notion to her. Since their first concert, when he gave Ziggy a guitar solo, Dean hasn’t exactly been a fan.

Remi will however cheerfully carry out his plan regardless of the results due to his cheeky attitude.

He goes up to Ziggy and begs her for a favor, but Dean (Patrick O’Connor), who is next to her, suddenly cuts him off.

Ziggy waits till she is by herself before conversing with her boyfriend because she doesn’t want him to speak for her.

They come to an agreement that if she helps him, he must cease flirting with her solely to annoy Dean. Remi nods in agreement and beams with pleasure at working with Ziggy. The problem for the mechanic is that she can’t tell Dean since he would be furious and forbid her from spending time by herself with him.

Ziggy visits Remi the following morning after spending the previous night looking into vans; she has found one that fits their budget.

She then inquires as to his means of transportation as he is without a car. She scoffs when Remi says he’ll figure something out and makes plans to drive him herself.

Ziggy, meanwhile, lies to Dean about having a client at work so she may keep from telling him the truth. But Dean discovers his girlfriend had been lying when he bumps into Justin (James Stewart), who claims Ziggy has no work.

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