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Home and Away Spoilers – Ziggy struggles as Karen says goodbye

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Ziggy struggles with new motherhood as Karen says goodbye to Summer Bay. Elsewhere, can Bree get through to Remi?

After Baby Thompson’s early birth, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) were thrust into fatherhood head-first.

Last week, as the couple was just starting to get along, Dean’s mother Karen dropped by unexpectedly. (Georgia Adamson).

Dean and Ziggy didn’t have time to argue after learning that Karen intended to stay until after the birth, which at that point was anticipated to take another three weeks, because Ziggy’s body decided to take matters into its own hands by going into labor.

Dean assisted Ziggy as she gave birth to their precious daughter by enlisting John (Shane Withington) to keep Karen occupied and away from the birthing room.

The couple is unsure of what to expect when they bring the baby home for the first time next week, with Karen waiting for them at the farmhouse.

To their amazement, Karen has not only set up the bassinet and positioned it next to their bed, but she has also loaded the changing table with diapers, baked one of her signature meatloaves, and stocked the changing table with diapers as well.

Ziggy is really appreciative even though she doesn’t particularly like for Karen’s cooking, and both she and Dean are shocked when Karen then says she’s leaving for town to give them some space.

While traveling, the proud grandmother quickly updates Irene (Lynne McGranger), Justin (James Stewart), and Alf (Ray Meagher), but she also orders everyone going to visit the new arrival to stay away because Dean and Ziggy deserve their privacy.

Back at the house, the parents are already feeling at a loose end, unsure of what to do next.

She doesn’t do much, does she?” Dean comments as they stand next to the bassinet watching their daughter sleep.

Ziggy has been advised to take advantage of the baby’s naptime to get some rest, but she doesn’t feel worn out. It soon becomes apparent that there is no manual for parenthood, despite the fact that she thought she had everything planned out.

Ziggy is trying to feed the baby when Karen later comes, but she is worried that she can’t get her to latch on because they can’t establish a feeding plan if she isn’t hungry.

While Karen offers to take over and give Ziggy a break, Dean reminds her that the midwife warned that it would take some time.

When Dean (Kyle Shilling) is called into the store to authorize a payment, he questions whether Mali (Kyle Shilling) should be given more authority.

Given that surfing student Xander (Luke Van Os) is raving about Mali’s lessons and that Dean now has to worry about Ziggy and a new baby, it would seem natural for Mali to assume a larger role.

Later that week, Dean, Ziggy, and Karen take the infant—still unnamed—on her first outing. However, things take a negative turn when a fellow diner coffee cart patron objects to Ziggy feeding the infant in public. Karen is quick to criticize the woman, but as the strain on Ziggy grows, it causes yet another ding in her self-esteem.

When the three of them enter the surf club on their way to Salt, John is thrilled but shortly remarks that Ziggy appears to be dead on her feet. John offers himself up for babysitting responsibilities should the need arise after Dean thanks him for all of his assistance the previous week. This changes the topic of conversation.

After some normal joking from John about her being a grandma once more, he inquires as to how Dean and Ziggy are actually faring as Karen follows the duo as they make their way up to Salt.

She acknowledges that while Dean has adapted fast, Ziggy is having a little trouble gaining confidence.

Due to the fact that being a new parent is challenging, especially while lacking sleep, Karen expresses concern for Ziggy and advises Dean to keep a tight eye on her.

The fact that the infant begins to wail once more as soon as Ziggy enters the room doesn’t help the issue. Ziggy informs Karen that the infant is happy when she is with Dean and that all she really needs is a snuggle from her mother. She attempts to keep her tears from Dean as she makes her way back to her room.

The following morning, Karen abruptly makes her departure known. She softly informs Dean that she will just get in the way of Ziggy and her child’s ability to bond because of her presence.

Ziggy’s upset when she learns of Karen’s plans; it’s clear that she’s come to rely on her and doesn’t know how she’ll cope without her.

Karen reassures her that everything will be okay, but after she leaves, Ziggy becomes dejected and tells Dean that her infant despises her.

Ziggy withdraws into her bedroom, where she again sobs. Will she be ok in the end?

Bree (Juliet Godwin), who experienced kidnapped, is still attempting to stay away from Remi (Adam Rowland) in other parts of Summer Bay.

Bree (Alex Williams) was forcibly taken from the bay with her violent husband Jacob (Alex Williams), and Jacob was furious to see a note Bree was planning to send Remi confessing her love for him.

After Jacob attacked, knocking her unconscious, Bree awoke to see her husband digging what appeared to be a grave. She pounced on her opportunity and accidentally killed Jacob by hitting him in the head with his shovel.

Bree hasn’t been able to bear being around Remi since, but she finds herself needed when it becomes apparent that Remi has his own hand injury that Jacob caused.

Remi made matters worse for himself by taking his brace off early in an effort to resume playing the guitar. As a result, his hand is swollen and medications aren’t even close to helping him.

Kirby believes that since Remi won’t accept medical attention, Bree is the only one who can persuade him. She decides to visit Remi after learning that he nearly passed out from the anguish he was experiencing.

As they discuss the situation, Remi says he feels like his injury is letting everyone down and that he was hoped to speed up the healing process.

Bree claims that she should be held accountable since if she had never became engaged with him, he wouldn’t be in this predicament.

Before Bree is able to bring Remi to the hospital to arrange for some scans, they share a brief moment. Bree starts to cry as she gives Remi over to their expert care.

When Bree gets home later in the week, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) has news from the DPP.

Bree has been anxiously awaiting the findings of their inquiry since she knows there is a strong probability that she would be charged with manslaughter or possibly murder for killing Jacob.

Bree’s entire future depends on this very moment, as Rose reveals the DPP’s final decision on whether to prosecute…

Remi ignores his worsening injury. Is Xander ready to move on? Kirby refuses to be a charity case.

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